When you are playing Lost Judgement, there will come a point when Yagami will be t the Seiryo High School. Yagami will help out in various ways at the school with tasks such as mystery activities, photography, and of course, teaching some dance moves. However, while these tasks are right up Yagami’s ally, finding the time capsule becomes a bit of an annoyance for your character.


In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know on how to find the time capsule in Lost Judgement.

Lost Judgment: How and Where to Find the Time Capsule

In the courtyard of the Seiryo High School speak with some former students who buried a time capsule somewhere at the school. They will only offer a hint phrase “The giant’s wheel lords over the tree with the most branches, three steps south from the roots. Two more steps east, and there a treasure rests.”

You need to find the Ferris Wheel on 4F, here’s an image to help you with the exact location.

The next step is to go into observation mode and observe the tree near the Ferris Wheel. A cutscene should start that shows Yagami digging around a few times before finally finding the time capsule.

Take the time capsule back to the former students and when they ask why it looks different, say that it was taken by mistake. Inside the capsule, they will read a note from an old student named Goto.

When trying to find out more about Goto select “where does she live and how does she look.” Head over to Chinatown and reach the marker north of Breakwater DR. Use the target mode to look for Goto. She is wearing a white coat, a black shirt, and white pants.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to find the time capsule. Need more help? See How to Fast Travel.