Baldur’s Gate 3 is a game of mystery and adventure with numerous intriguing quests, companions, and locations. One such location is the hidden Tiefling Hideout. Gaining access to this hidden enclave involves a couple of quests you pick up in the first chapter: ‘Investigate the Beach’ or ‘Find Your Belongings’. For simplicity, focusing on ‘Investigate the Beach’ makes the hideout easier to locate.


This quest contains four main objectives: exploring the source of music, aiding a young Tiefling, conversing with this boy, and lastly, seeking out an individual called Doni upon the boy’s suggestion. This last task transpires in the Druid Grove, where the entrance to the hideout – a well-camouflaged hatch – sits right beside Doni.

concealed hath location in Baldur's Gate 3.

However, before you approach Doni, it’s beneficial to finish the ‘Save Arabella’ quest, as this unlocks an additional quest from a character called Mol. When you start your conversation with Doni, choose the dialogue option, “Are you all right?” His response is to show you the hatch. Express gratitude with “Hey, Thanks for showing me the door,” and you can then access the Tiefling Hideout.

The alternative path to finding the Tiefling hideout, via the ‘Find Your Belongings’ quest, has you stumbling upon a character named Mattis during your inquiries about Mol. Close to Mattis, you’ll spot Doni. Engage him in conversation, and he’ll point out the hidden entrance.


After this, he will disappear. Rest for a day and then seek out Doni once more. This time, you’ll need to coax out the reason behind his vanishing act. Successfully doing so gains you admission to the Tiefling Hideout, adding another great chapter to your Baldur’s Gate 3 journey.