In Among Us your objective as the Crewmate is to find the Impostor and complete tasks. It is a hard thing to do thanks to the unique set of abilities used by the Impostor. In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Impostor in Among Us. You’ll get tips and tricks for catching the Impostor.

How to Catch the Impostor in Among Us – Tips to Find Impostor

If you are playing a Crewmate you can complete a ton of tasks but if your goal is to hunt down Impostors. tasks will simply stand in your way. The very first thing you need to do is find one other Crewmate. Follow any Crewmate around and make sure they are doing their tasks or simply faking doing the tasks. Once you figure out that this person is actually a Crewmate, head back to the star and call-in an emergency meeting. While calling in an early meeting might annoy your Crewmates, it will achieve a few things.

  1. You can let your Crewmates know that the person you verified is in fact safe to be around. That person will then start trusting you.
  2. Holding an early meeting might disrupt an Impostor’s plan of action. Impostors need a kill early on if they want to succeed. The early meeting will delay their kill countdown timer.
  3. If the Impostor killed 1-2 Crewmates the remaining players will know that the people in their vicinity can likely be trusted.
  4. If an Impostor was spotted in a vent, everyone will find out immediately.

Ask for Intel

During the meeting ask for Intel to make sure the Crew knows that their job is to find the Impostor, not solely completing tasks. If the Crew becomes suspicious of you, simply prove your innocent by completing a task.

Observe Movements

After the meeting, the Crewmates will become more attentive to each other’s movements. Impostors like to roll solo to oftentimes they are easy to spot if you pay attention. They change directions randomly and try to get away from the beaten path.

Be Logical in Chat

Chat is the most important part of catching Impostors in Among Us. You need to make sure you use logic in the chat rather than wild accusations that are completely baseless. Team coordination, attentiveness, and building trust are how you find the Impostor in Among Us. When the Impostor realized that you are using logic in chat, you will likely become a target so hand out with other safe members. Anyone else trying to corner you will likely be an Impostor. Keep your distance from other Crewmates who aren’t marked safe yet.

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