If you’re playing Sons of the Forest, you know that having the right weapons is crucial for surviving the game’s dangerous environment. And when it comes to ranged combat, there’s no better option than the Shotgun. However, finding this weapon can be challenging, as it’s hidden in a grave that’s only accessible through a series of obstacles and challenges.

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But don’t worry – with the right tools and strategies; you can track down the Shotgun and add it to your arsenal. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to do that, step-by-step. So grab your Rebreather and Zipline Rope Gun, and get ready to brave the caves and tombs of Sons of the Forest to uncover the powerful Shotgun.

Sons of the Forest Shotgun Location

Shotgun location.
Dig this grave to find the shotgun.


You need a shovel to dig for the shotgun. Finding a shovel is its own process and requires navigating a separate cave.

When you have the shovel, the next step is to find the GPS Locator on the island. The GPS Locator is marked by a purple icon on the map, and it is located at one of the island’s corners. It is a short distance from the cave where you find the Rebreather.

Once you have reached the location shown in the image above (marked by a purple icon on the map), you can find the shotgun buried in a shallow grave marked by a wooden cross. Make sure you are digging in the right area, and use the shovel to dig it up.

With your newly found shotgun, you can use it to take down enemies in the game. If you have the Shotgun Rail attachment, you can attach a laser or flashlight to the shotgun to enhance its capabilities. The Buckshot is a super effective ammunition to use with the shotgun.

Shotgun Rail Attachment Location: You can find the Shotgun Rail Attachment in two different locations in the game. The first location is the food court area where the VIP Keycard and Crossbow are also found. The second location is on the northernmost beach of the island.

Shotgun Laser Sight Attachment Location: The laser sight for shotgun is the same as the one we found for the pistol.

That’s everything you need to know on how to find the shotgun location in Sons of the Forest.

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