How to Find Rot in Kena Bridge of Spirits

How to Find Rot in Kena Bridge of Spirits

One of the most interesting and cutest elements of the Kena Bridge of Spirits is the Rot. These small little creatures are your companions in the game. In this guide, we will give you some tips on how to find the Rot in Kena.

Kena Bridge of Spirits: How to Find Rot

The Rot are found at various locations in the game and you can spot them using a few tips. Rot are little orbs of light and they join your party when you interact with them.

You can get some Rot as part of the main and side missions of the game. Purple butterflies can often cause Rot to appear from their hiding places.

While the pulse can often cause the Rot to come out of hiding, it won’t always work. You may need a Spirit Tear to summon a Rot Cloud to the leaves.

Last but not least, some cursed chests have Rot inside. However, the biggest hint of a Rot’s presence comes from your Dualsense controller. It will rumble whenever a Rot is nearby and if look through a Spirit Mask you will be able to see their purple footprints.

And that’s all there is to know about finding Rot in the Bridge of Spirits. Need more help? See Best Abilities, Corrupt Taro Boss Fight, Sprout Captain Boss Fight.

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