In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players are introduced to a world where innovation and upgrades are crucial for progression. One of the essential elements you’ll need to progress in Spider Man 2 is Tech Parts, especially the elusive Rare Tech Parts. These components are vital for a range of activities, including crafting new suits and upgrading gadgets.

  1. Common Tech Parts: These are the standard components you’ll frequently come across during your adventures in New York City. They’re fundamental for various upgrades and can be obtained through:
    • Engaging in and resolving Crimes
    • Responding to FNSM (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) Requests
    • Participating in EMF Experiments
    • Discovering Spider-Bots
    • Investigating Hunter Blinds
  2. Rare Tech Parts: These are scarce and highly sought-after components. They’re indispensable for unlocking the most potent upgrades and the coolest suits for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Here’s how you can get your hands on them:
    • Finding Prowler Stashes
    • Completing more challenging EMF Experiments
    • Overcoming Hunter Blinds
    • Neutralizing Unidentified Targets

Best Ways To Get Rare Tech Parts

  1. Prowler Stashes: These are one of your go-to sources for Rare Tech Parts. They involve solving puzzles or engaging in minor combat, making them a less time-consuming way to acquire the parts you need. You can usually get 3 Rare Tech Parts and 300 XP from each crate.
  2. Hunter Blinds: If you’re up for the challenge, Hunter Blinds serve as an excellent source for Rare Tech Parts. They involve intense combat scenarios but reward you generously with 5 Rare Tech Parts, 150 common Tech Parts, and 1000 XP each.
  3. Unidentified Targets: Keep an eye out for these high-value targets. Taking them down will grant you 4 Rare Tech Parts and 900 XP each upon completion.
  4. EMF Experiments: Engage in these scientific endeavors to earn yourself some Rare Tech Parts. They might require a bit of brainpower, but the rewards are well worth it.
  5. Tech Crates: Throughout the city, you’ll find Tech Crates glowing with blue or yellow lights. The ones illuminated in yellow signify the presence of Rare Tech Parts. Initially, they won’t appear on your map, so you’ll need to rely on visual cues. However, unlocking the “All Seeing” skill will make these crates more noticeable during your city traversal.

For players aiming to quickly gather enough Rare Tech Parts for specific unlocks, such as a gadget upgrade or a new suit, Prowler Stashes are the most time-efficient. If your goal is to significantly boost your arsenal, prioritizing Hunter Blinds is the way to go. They provide the most substantial amount of Rare Tech Parts, additional XP for leveling up, and common Tech Parts for further crafting.

Hunter Blinds locations
Here’s what Hunter Blinds look like on the World Map.

All Other Know Ways To Get Rare Tech Parts

Apart from the regular blue-light Tech Crates scattered around the city, keep an eye out for crates with golden lights that are a good source of Rare Tech Parts in Spider Man 2. These crates contain one or two Rare Tech Parts each.

Initially, these crates won’t be visible on your map, and you’ll need to spot them based on their distinctive glow during your city traversal.
To ease this process, unlock the “All Seeing” Traversal Suit Tech upgrade, which reveals all Tech Crates on your minimap. While yellow-lit crates still won’t appear on your main map, their gold crate icon will be more noticeable as you web-swing across the city.

Engage in stopping crimes and completing side activities to progress in each district. Reaching the first tier of each district earns you 2 Rare Tech Parts.