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How To Find Foxparks In Palworld (All Locations)


Foxparks stand out due to their multifaceted utility in Palworld. Initially, they serve as an invaluable asset in survival tasks. For instance, their kindling ability allows them to light fires and operate furnaces, making them crucial in cooking and smithing activities. This means players can rely on Foxparks for tasks like cooking food without supervision or smelting ore into ingots. Their role extends beyond mere utility, as they also excel in combat situations. Foxparks can unleash powerful fire attacks, making them effective for dealing damage from a distance.

Furthermore, with the right equipment, like a crafted Foxparks harness, players can elevate their combat. By using the ‘Flamethrower’ Partner Skill, Foxparks transforms into a formidable weapon, allowing players to wield them as a literal flamethrower in battles. However, accessing this feature requires players to unlock it in the Paldeck’s technology tab and craft the harness using specific resources.

Foxparks Location In Palworld

Foxparks Locations on the map.

Finding Foxparks is a relatively straightforward process, especially for those just starting their journey in Palworld. One primary location is near the game’s starting area. From the fast travel starting point, players should head down the road until they reach the area where the Mammorest boss fight occurs. In this vicinity, without engaging the boss, players can spot Foxparks. The coordinates provided are 189, -478. Alternatively, players can venture southwest of the starting point to another island, with coordinates 144, -583, where Foxparks are also present.

Coordinates 144, -583 for Foxparks in Palworld.

Another recommended location is near the Plateau of Beginnings, accessible from the ruins’ fast travel point. Players should navigate past the Expedition Survivor’s campsite, avoiding the level 35 Mammorest, and head towards a river with a waterfall. Foxparks can be found near the bottom of this waterfall, to the left of the river.

How To Catch Forparks

The process of capturing Foxparks follows the standard method used for other Pals – weakening them and then using a Pal Sphere. However, it’s advised to dodge their fire attacks during this process. An effective strategy is to throw the sphere from behind, which seemingly increases the chances of successful capture.

If you don’t have a higher-level Pal sphere, here’s a guide on how to craft every Pal Sphere available in the game.

In combat, Foxparks usually begins with the ‘Ignis Blast’ attack, shooting a ball of flames at the target. To use Foxparks as a flamethrower, players must first achieve a specific level in the Paldeck’s technology tab and then craft the harness using resources like leather, flame organs, and paldium fragments. Once equipped, Foxparks’ Flamethrower skill becomes a game-changer in battle scenarios.

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