Dinopithecus is found in the Ark: Lost Island. They spawn near the lava pools and can be difficult to tame because they constantly move. They are famous for their unique abilities, such as:

  • Climbing Experts
  • Bombers
  • Slow Down Enemies

In this guide, I’ll tell you where to find and how to Tame Dinopithecus on Ark Lost Island.

Where To Find Dinopithecus in Ark: Lost Island

In the Red Woods, you will find the Giant Castle to reach there to tame the Dinopithecus.

Dinopithecus can be found at the coordinates:

  • LAT = 42.4° and LON = 55.9°

How To Tame Dinopithecus in Ark: Lost Island

Remember, the Dinopithecus is like a wolf that travels in a pack and is led by an alpha. Therefore, to tame a Dinopithecus, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Place the hidden traps to capture the beta members. Once you have captured the betas, now kill them with any gun, possible shotgun, or net gun. Head toward the alpha. To tame a Dinopithecus, you first need to knock his health off less than 85%. This can be done by hitting it with a melee weapon. Once it is unconscious, you can feed it food (kibble, Mutton, Berries)to tame it.

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