How to Find and Kill VIP in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to Find and Kill VIPs in Watch Dogs: Legion

Neutralizing VIPs is one of the activities you’ll need to complete to liberate different localities in London. You’ll need to do so if you wish to mark all Tech Points, Audio Logs, Relics on your map, and unlock the ‘Take Back London’ trophy/achievement. Unlike other activities like collecting Photographic Evidence, there are only 3 VIPs to neutralize in WDL. In this guide, we’ve provided a brief overview of how to kill all the VIPs in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Neutralize VIP #1 – Tower Hamlets
Early in the game, you’ll be asked to recruit a Construction Worker. Thanks to its Cargo Drone skill, neutralizing the VIP in Tower Hamlets becomes fairly hassle-free. All you’re needed to do is to reach the VIP, jump onto your Cargo Drone, fly to the marked target, and eliminate by any means you see fit.

Neutralize VIP #2 – Islington & Hackney
Similar to the first one, the target in Islington & Hackney is a push-over, even when surrounded by his cronies. You shouldn’t have any trouble in simply walking up to the marked guy and eliminating.

Neutralize VIP #3 – Nine Elms
Unlike the other two, the final VIP in Watch Dogs: Legion is just a drone. Yes, that’s right! A flying drone. And since it’s a drone, you’ll need one of your own. This is where you’ll need another Construction Worker. Simply head over to the marked location, summon your drone, jump onto it, fly to the VIP drone, and destroy it. Remember that you’ll need to rely on your firearms to damage the drone – shoot its orange weakpoints to damage it. Trying to shoot anywhere else won’t achieve anything at all.

We’ll soon have a video walkthrough of our approach when it comes to neutralizing VIPs in Watch Dogs: Legion in the coming days. Stay-tuned!

That’s all we’ve got in how to kill VIPs in Watch Dogs: Legion. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Watch Dogs: Legion wiki guides.

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