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How To Find And Kill Vampires in The Witcher 3 


As you journey through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, prepare yourself for a variety of adversaries like Bears, Vampires, Wolves, and Wild Dogs. Of all these opponents, vampires are the most hazardous and demanding to defeat. The cause for these fears is that vampire legends have been debunked, such as the notion that holy water and crucifixes are their only weaknesses when in reality, a wooden stake to the heart can end them. However, not all vampires are difficult to overcome. They come in different types, from Ekimmara to higher, and the higher ones certainly aren’t simple to defeat. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll quickly learn all about the Vampires: their whereabouts, how to eliminate them swiftly and effectively, what makes them vulnerable – and so much more!

Where To Find Vampires in the Witcher 3

As you progress through the contracts and complete side quests, watch out for Vampires.

To acquire the Carnal Sins, you must make your way to Novigrad–a free city within Redania’s coastline. Once there, find and eliminate a Katakan named Hubert Rejk. Remember that If you are looking to begin The Isle of Mists quest, Carnal Sins is a prerequisite that must be completed first.

As you search for the Griffin School Gear set in Novigrad and Velen, be on the lookout for a lower vampire known as an Ekimmara. If spotted, they must be dealt with accordingly to ensure success.

Higher Vampires are scattered everywhere in the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3. This story centers around Regis, a former friend of Geralt’s who died and was resurrected as a vampire.

How To Kill Vampires in the Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is home to a wide variety of Vampires, and while you’re hunting them down, certain tactics will prove helpful in defeating them. Although not every technique listed below may apply to each Vampire type, one or more of these methods should work against any given creature.

  1. Vampire Oil
  2. Black Blood
  3. Moon Dust bomb
  4. Igni and Quen

#1 Vampire Oil

If you’re looking to hunt vampires in the Blood and Wine expansion pack, Vampire Oil is necessary. This oil will ensure success regardless of the type of vampire you desire. Enhance Geralt’s fighting prowess by applying Vampire Oil to his silver sword; this will render extra damage against opponents.

NoVampire OilHow does it workHow To Prepare it
1Simple Vampire Oil10% increase in attacking power against Vampires2x Dog Tallow4x Ducal Water
2Enhanced Vampire Oil25% increase in attacking power against Vampires2x Bear Fat1x Ribleaf1x Vampire Oil1x Wine Stone1x Fifth Essence1x Cortinarius1x Wolfsbane
3Superior Vampire Oil50% increase in attacking power against Vampires1x Enhanced Vampire Oil2x Alchemy Paste1x Wine Stone1x Cortinarius1x Fifth Essence1x Wolfsbane1x Vermilion

#2 Black Blood

The Black Blood potion is a must-have for any vampire, providing essential protection against even the most potent attacks. This powerful concoction ensures you remain safe and secure in your nightly adventures. When protecting yourself against the two dreaded vampires, Bruxas and Alps, Black Blood is your go-to defense. However, this remedy will only make you a little sound when faced with creatures that don’t drink blood – so be sure to have a backup plan in place.

NoBlack BloodHow does it workHow To Prepare it
1Simple Black Blood15% increase in damage given back to Vampires4x Ghoul’s Blood2x Sewant Mushrooms1x Dwarven Spirit
2Enhanced Black Blood20% increase in damage given back to Vampires5x Sewant Mushrooms5x Ghoul’s Blood1x Black Blood1x Alcohest1x Hellebore Petals
3Superior Black Blood30% increase in damage given back to Vampires, take them down and let them bleed5x Hellebore Petals5x Sewant Mushrooms1x Han Fiber1x Enhanced Black Blood1x White Gull, 1x Nostrix1x Rebis

#3 Moon Dust bomb

If you’ve ventured into the Blood and Wine expansion, chances are that you have come across an eerily invisible vampire. For such creatures, a Moon Dust bomb would be your best bet to uncover them before they can transform again. With one swift throw of this incredible explosive, those vampires won’t stand a chance.

NoMoon Dust BombHow does it workHow To Prepare it
1Simple Moon DustExposes invisible Vampires and stops them from slipping back into obscurity.2x Quicksilver Solution1x Saltpeter
2Enhanced Moon DustExposes invisible Vampires and stops them from slipping back into obscurity for a longer time
1x Moon Dust1x Hop Umbels1x Blowball1x Stammelford’s Dust1x Quicksilver Solution1x Sulfur1x Honeysuckle
3Superior Moon DustExposes invisible Vampires and permanently stops them from slipping back into obscurity.2x Sulfur2x Hop Umbels2x Quicksilver Solution2x Blowball1x Enhanced Moon Dust1x Alchemists’ Powder1x Nigredo

#4 Igni and Quen

All Vampire types are vulnerable to fire, so you can use it to gain an advantage. However, the Higher Vampire is not susceptible; casting Quen will serve as a shield of protection for you.

Which Types of Vampires in the Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 introduces seven distinct vampire types, each with its unique characteristics. See the list below for more details:

  1. Ekimmara
  2. Katakan
  3. Alp
  4. Bruxa
  5. Fleder
  6. Garkain
  7. Higher Vampire

#1 Ekimmara

Ekimmara is the most common type of vampire you’ll encounter at the base of the hierarchy. Be sure to take them out quickly in-game, as they have a powerful regenerative ability. Ekimmara has the following moves:

  • #1 SpecialMove: Ekimmara can become invisible, so you can use Moon Dust to counteract their abilities.
  • #2 SpecialMove: They can make you lose a lot of blood and sustain tremendous damage. To protect yourself, drink the Black Blood potion before engaging with them.
  • #3 SpecialMove: These vampires employ melee attacks primarily, so a simple dodge is the most effective way to defend against them.


The Byways Murders contract will lead to a stronger variation of the Ekimmara: the Sarasti. While their attack and weak points are similar to those of regular Ekimmara, be sure that you come armed with Vampire Oil and use Ignis’s magical sign for your battle against these powerful vampires. 

#2 Katakan

Katakan, giant bat-like vampires renowned for their intelligence, possess a variety of dynamic moves:

  • #1 SpecialMove: These vampires, similar to Ekimmara, can become invisible. Nonetheless, they are distinct in that they can also transform into humans. To identify them, you can use Moon Dust bombs and Igni. 
  • #2 SpecialMove: During the night, these vampires are incredibly powerful and nimble; thus, it is most prudent to slay them during the morning hours when their regeneration capabilities have weakened.

When facing off against a Katakan, use the Yrden sign, essentially a trap that will hinder its movement. Exercise caution when encountering these creatures and use Vampire Oil to defeat them with your silver sword easily. It’s best to drink Black Blood as an extra precautionary measure for safety’s sake.


Katakan has a variant known as Gaeal’s, which you may come across while making the Oxenfurt Drunk contract. They use similar attacks to Katakans too.

#3 Alp

Alp vampires are blonde hair women exclusive to Blood and Wine expansion. Following are their moves:

  • #1 Special Move: These vampires become a force to be reckoned with during the full moon. Their speed and strength are unparalleled.
  • #2 Special Move: These vampires are unlike any other form, so they invade your space with impunity. The only way to combat them is by using the Yrden sign – an ancient magic that can slow their movements and give you a fighting chance.
  • #3 SpecialMove: These vampires are experts at jumping swiftly and sinking their teeth into your neck to regain HP.

When confronting an Alp in a group, use the Black Blood to protect yourself. The Aard sign is your best bet for attacking this vampire, and when it’s down, move in with silver swords to finish them off – be mindful of their shrieks! 

#4 Bruxa

Bruxas vampires and Alps are very similar, with the only significant difference being their Witcher bestiary listings. However, both of these creatures possess similar abilities. Following are the moves used by them:

  • #1 Special Move: These vampires have the uncanny ability to become invisible, and as soon you hear their powerful shrieks, it’s too late—they’ve already got you in their sights.
  • #2 Special Move: Bruxa is renowned for its fleetness, allowing them to evade any attack you may launch deftly.

Distinguishing between Bruxas and Alps is simple; you can easily recognize the former by their dark hair, while the latter are known for their blond locks. Other than that one physical trait, there isn’t much else separating them.

Using the Aard sign to deliver a fatal blow and immediately eliminate this vampire when you encounter Bruxa. The main storyline of Blood and Wine will bring you face-to-face with a powerful vampire, the Bruxa of Corvo Bianco. Unfortunately, your trusty Aard sign won’t work on it- all other tactics for fighting vampires still work.

#5 Fleder

Fleders are a lesser type of vampire, yet they demonstrate remarkable intelligence and employ specific attack strategies. Here is what you should know about them:

  • #1 Special Move: Fleders vampires are known to launch themselves at their target, quickly tackling them before viciously ripping them apart.

Fleders are particularly vulnerable to Vampire Oil, Cast Igni, and Black Blood, so it’s wise to be prepared with either when they begin leaping. This makes them far easier to defeat, as you’ll have an advantage over their evasive tactics if armed with these substances.


Fleder has an alternate form known as Protofleder that can be encountered during the main quest of Blood and Wine, entitled ‘What Lies Unseen.’ The Protofleder boasts extraordinary health regeneration compared to its regular counterparts.

#6 Garkain

Compared to other Vampires, Garkains are scarce in quantity and can be somewhat repulsive. Follow are the moves that Garkain uses:

  • #1 Special Move: Unlike traditional vampires who have a thirst for blood, Garkains tend towards ripping their victims apart with their razor-sharp fangs and claws.
  • #2 Special Move: In the same way that wolves hunt in packs, Garkains work together to locate their target and render it clueless with mental energy projectiles.

Taking down vampires is far easier than other types of vampires. When you see them and use Vampire Oil on your sword to increase the damage, if they use ranged attacks instead, Moon Dust bombs will help serve as a successful counter-move.

Alpha Garkain

The Alpha Garkain variant can be encountered during the Blood Simple main quest, specifically near Cockatrice Inn. These formidable monsters are more powerful than their regular counterparts and possess similar attack techniques – except for being able to spew venom.

#7 Higher Vampire

As you progress through The Witcher 3, the most potent and challenging adversaries in your path are undoubtedly the High Vampires. With their immense power, these vampires will test every ounce of wit and skill you possess.

These vampires stand out from the rest with their remarkable intellect and power. Immortal, they do not require to ingest human blood to survive like other vampires. Outfitted with only a few weaknesses, any techniques that worked against traditional vampire species won’t work here – these are modern-day beasts!

Finally, your journey in Blood and Wine will lead you to Dettlaff van der Eretein: the mighty Beast of Beauclair and the ultimate boss of this epic story. This vampire’s only vulnerabilities are Vampire Oil and Black Blood; fire is ineffective in combating it, so there is no benefit to using Igni or Dragon’s Dream bombs.

All you need to know about the Vampires in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Want to know more about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Here are some guides you may like:

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