The Drowners, or muire d’yaeblen in Skellige/vodniks, is a type of Necrophage monster players will encounter while playing The Witcher 3. For those unfamiliar with what a Necrophage is, they’re often referred to as “corpse eaters,” which accurately reflects its original Greek meaning and origin. It is said that the Drowners were once human beings who miraculously came back to life after being submerged in water and pronounced dead.


The Drowners possess the perfect anatomy for aquatic navigation, equipped with fins and gills to help them become a better swimmer. This quest takes place near water; their physical advantages are too significant to ignore. In this guide, I’ll tell how to Find and Kill Drowners In The Witcher 3.

Where To Find Drowners (Location) In The Witcher 3

Drowners are aquatic creatures, so it’s not surprising that they can be found near water sources. However, these fiends stick around during the night or evening since direct sunlight is not their preferred element. If you seek to uncover the hidden treasures in Smugglers’ Caches, it is time to battle with Drowners. Keep an eye out for these underwater creatures during your Spoils of War; they will be waiting to protect their precious loot.

Drowners Attack Patterns

Drowners rarely travel solo; they typically roam in packs. If you choose to confront them, be prepared for a group attack. Their bond is so strong that they can join forces and launch a coordinated attack, surrounding you in an impenetrable circle of protection. Yet, the positive side is that they typically use a similar offensive technique against you – Execute an arm lunge with a sweeping motion.


Moreover, The Drowners may be easy to take down, but these monsters come in packs which can make them an intimidating challenge. Furthermore, they can sink into the ground and hide away until you’re close enough for them to surprise attack you – making it essential that adventurers remain alert at all times.

How To Kill Drowners

The Drowners, being water creatures, are particularly vulnerable to Necrophage Oil and the Igni sign. If you see a group of Drowners, use Igni to set them ablaze. Since they are weak against fire attacks, this will cause an explosive reaction and make the enemies dance uncontrollably when struck with Dancing Star bombs. This method makes it easy to take out hordes of foes in no time.

Maximize your damage-dealing potential by applying Necrophage Oil to your silver sword; this will augment the power of each of your strikes. In addition, you won’t need to depend on complicated combos when dealing with Drowners since they are relatively easy foes to overcome.

Are you wondering how to combat Drowners best if you ever find yourself in the depths of a watery encounter? Consider using crossbow shock bolts as your go-to attack. These shots will be powerful enough to take down even the most resilient opponents!


Whether you’re battling Drowners, larger-than-normal Drowners called Drowned Deads, or swamp-dwelling Drowners called Mucknixer with their distinctive pale grey skin – they may look different, but their attack patterns remain the same. This means that a single combat strategy can be used on all of them for maximum effect!

That’s all you need to know about how to find and kill Drowners in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I hope you found this guide helpful and that it allowed you to quickly get rid of this pesky monster. Speaking of monsters, you may also want to know how to find and kill vampires, so give that guide a read.


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