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Elden ring enables you to explore the fantasy of the Lands between, and during those adventures, you come across multiple challenges to make the game more exciting. The Chariots are one such enemy in Elden’s ring, guarding Hero’s Grave in the dungeon. It’s not easy to eliminate them, but you can kill them without causing so much trouble with proper technique. This guide will explain how to find those Chariots and destroy Chariots in Elden Ring.

Location Of Chariots

There are a total of three Chariot dungeons.

  1. FringeFolk Hero’s Grave: This one is the earliest and located in Limgrave.
  2. Auriza Hero’s Grave: It is located on the Eastern side of Lleyndell
  3. Gelmir Hero’s Grave: It is situated near Mt. Gelmir Campsite Grace

How to Destroy Chariots in FringeFolk Hero’s Grave

Move towards the Grace site behind a wall blocked by fog. Move past a statue throwing fire out of its mouth and enter a large room in which two Grafted Scions. To access the area, use two Stonesword keys on the imp statue. Proceed forward until you reach a ramp; slide down the ramp towards the left or right, where you will encounter two imps. Follow the path until you get the Banished king knight, defeat him and stand where he was guarding.

Chariots are suspended from the ceiling; aim your bow precisely. Don’t aim for the jars; aim at the rope, the time it right so upon falling, it destroys the chariots beneath it. A total of three attempts are provided to the player. If you fail, you have to restart from the beginning again.

Reward: Edtree Great bow x1, Great arrow x10

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How to Destroy Chariots in Auriza Hero’s Grave

Move towards the right of the grace site and access the area using one Townsend key. Follow the path after dropping the stop where you see two different chariots slide down from the beams.

Continue this action until you reach a ladder leading to a tunnel; at the end, you will come across another chariot. Hit a pillar that shoots fire, and the directions changes. You have to die to destroy these chariots.

Rewards: Tree Sentinal Armor Set, Holy Ground Ash of War

Gelmir Hero’s Grave

Finally, follow Grace’s guidance until you reach a dungeon and move down the lift. You cannot destroy these two chariots because you need to use them differently by riding them.

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