Our survival guide covered many tips for living in the backyard as a tiny human but one part of survival needed its own separate guide. One of the keys to survival in Grounded is finding food and knowing how to cook it. How to find food, recipes, and the method of cooking is something you must know to survive your days in Grounded.


You need to look out for your character as you battle the vicious creatures of the backyard. To battle the monsters you not only need to keep your thirst levels low but also monitor your hunger and food levels. Food levels are indicated by the chicken leg on the screen with a circle around it. The smaller this circle becomes the more hungry you are. You can find pieces of food all around the map, a great food resource is an acorn, you can smash them up into little pieces and extract food. Moreover, you can find mushrooms around the map and consume them but you will need larger meals as you progress.

How to Cook Food

To cook food you need a roasting pit which is an item that must be crafted. There are three main resources you need to craft a roasting pit to cook food. The following is the roasting pit crafting recipe.

  • 4x pebblets
  • 4x springs
  • 3x dry grass

The easiest to find resource is the pebbles. You can find a ton of pebblets on the ground near rocks. They are all over the backyard so it won’t take look to collect this recipe item. The second item you need is dry grass. Use a pebble axe to cut them down. Pebble axe is crafted by analyzing a pebblet at the Analyzing station to unlock the recipe. Get 3x sprig, 2x pebbles, 1x woven fiber to craft the pebble axe. Once you have an axe you need to find dried grass chunks and break them down. Once you have all the resources open the menu and go to the sections of the blueprint to craft your new roasting pit. You can now use a roasting pit to cook food and eat proper meals in Grounded.