How to Find and Contact Olivia in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 find and contact Olivia

One of the locations you visit early on in Hitman 3 is Berlin. After you are done taking down your targets in Dubai and Dartmoor, Berlin is your next location. Unfortunately, when you head off to Berlin there is no briefing or information provided and your soul goal is to find and contact Olivia. In this quick guide, I will explain how to find and contact Olivia in Hitman 3 while you are in Berlin.

Hitman 3: How to Find and Contact Olivia

When you reach Berlin your first objective is to contact Olivia to get more intel about why you are there. The mission starts when you spawn near a gas station. As soon as you spawn, select the Burner Phone from the quick menu and press RT/R2 to dial Olivia.

Olivia will not pick up so your next objective is to find Olivia in Berlin. From your current location, walk straight toward the crashed vehicle and turn right to head inside the jungle. Keep moving forward until you see a club and meet Olivia. She will explain that the situation has turned sideways as your location is now compromised.

The ICA is there to hunt Agent 47 and Olivia. There are 11 ICA agents in the area and you need to take down five to complete the Apex Predator mission. However, if you want to complete Berlin’s Target challenges you should take down 10 ICA agents.

And that’s how you find and contact Olivia in Berlin in Hitman 3. If you need more assitance with the game check out how to change weapons, all shortcuts, and how to hide items in Hitman 3.

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