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How To Fight Underwater In The Witcher 3 (Easy Way)


During the “Spoils of War” mission, your boat may sustain damage or even be destroyed in battle, requiring you to dive. In the ocean’s depths, dangers such as Drowners, Sirens, and Ekhidnas pose severe risks to those who venture underwater. Navigating these treacherous waters without access to your sword or magical protection, like bombs or signs, can seem challenging. This guide will show you how to fight underwater in The Witcher 3.

How Kill Enemies Underwater

While Fighting enemies underwater, your only viable weapon is the crossbow – a tool that you may have thought was useless throughout your playthrough due to its low damage output. However, this could not be further from the truth in an underwater environment; its destructive power receives a massive boost submerged.

Even when submerged underwater, a regular crossbow will allow you to fire bolts that can easily take down your enemies. Moreover, its auto-lock feature enables users to target opponents once and automatically launch projectiles—the perfect finishing touch!

Underwater Combat Tips and Tricks:

If you’re eager to master underwater combat in The Witcher 3, the following tips and tricks will help.

  • Quen Sign: Quen Sign is a magical shield armor that you can use before diving underwater, so even if you cannot wield magic while submerged, your opponents cannot harm you. With this protective force field surrounding your body, no enemy attack stands a chance against its power.
  • Killer Whale Potion: To thrive underwater, you must imbibe the Killer Whale Potion and pay attention to your “Breath Remaining” meter. Once it begins to dwindle, make a swift ascent for air. Without this elixir, you will last no more than ten minutes; with it, however, that time increases by 50% – up to fifteen!

With these tips in mind, you should be able to successfully navigate and fight in the treacherous waters of The Witcher 3. Always be prepared, stay alert, and use your weapons and magic wisely. If you want to read about other aspects of The Witcher 3, here are some suggestions:

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