Understanding how to fast travel in New World is essential for anyone looking to make the most of their time, whether you’re questing, gathering, or simply wanting to soak in the breathtaking vistas without spending hours traversing on foot. “New World Fast Travel” systems are uniquely designed to fit seamlessly into its immersive world, offering various methods to zip across territories while still keeping the journey thrilling.


From setting your respawn points at cozy inns to harnessing the arcane power of Azoth for teleportation, “fast travel” in “New World” isn’t just about getting from point A to B; it’s about choosing how you want to navigate this rich, dynamic world. Whether you’re a strategic planner who sets up multiple jump points across the map or an opportunistic traveler using every tool at your disposal, including the controversial death exploit, there’s a method to suit every playstyle.

Using Inns for Fast Travel (Free)

Traveling across the vast expanses of Aeternum can be daunting, but thanks to the Inn system, players have a convenient way to traverse these great distances without the legwork. Here’s how you can take advantage of this system:

  1. First, locate an Inn. These are typically found within settlements across the map.
  2. Approach the Innkeeper and interact with them. You’ll be presented with the option to set this Inn as your recall point.
  3. Confirm your choice, and voila! You’ve set your fast travel point to this Inn.


  • The Inn recall system isn’t without its limitations. It operates on a cooldown timer, meaning once you’ve used it, you’ll have to wait before you can use it again. The standard cooldown is 30 minutes, but various territory perks can reduce this time.
  • It’s important to note that this method is entirely free of cost, making it an efficient choice for players watching their in-game expenses.

Strategic Use of Inns

  • Given the cooldown, strategic use of your Inn recall is crucial. It’s beneficial to set your recall point in areas where you have ongoing quests or frequent business, minimizing the time spent running back and forth.
  • Remember, you can only have one Inn set as your recall point at a time, so choose wisely based on your current objectives and travel needs.

Inns, with their strategic locations and cost-free travel, are a boon for adventurers trekking through the wilds and wonders of Aeternum. Use them wisely, and you’ll find they’re an invaluable tool in your journey.

Azoth-based Fast Travel

While Inns provide a cost-free solution, they’re not always convenient for every destination. That’s where Azoth steps in, offering a more flexible approach to fast travel, albeit at a cost. Here’s what you need to know about utilizing Azoth for your journeys:

How to Use Azoth for Fast Travel

  1. Azoth-based travel requires you to first visit the location to which you wish to travel. This means you’ll need to make the initial journey on foot.
  2. Once a location is unlocked, you can fast travel there from any settlement or Spirit Shrine, provided you have enough Azoth in your inventory.
  3. Open your map, select the unlocked fast travel point, and confirm your travel. The amount of Azoth required will be displayed, varying based on distance, your encumbrance, and other factors.

Costs and Factors Affecting Azoth Travel

  • The cost of Azoth travel isn’t fixed. It depends on several factors:
    • Distance: The further you’re traveling, the more Azoth it will cost.
    • Encumbrance: Heavier inventory loads lead to higher Azoth costs. Travel light if you’re looking to save!
    • Faction Control: Traveling to an area controlled by your faction reduces Azoth costs, incentivizing faction loyalty and participation in territorial wars.
  • Azoth isn’t just used for travel — it’s also a resource in crafting and various other game mechanics. This dual-purpose nature means you’ll need to balance your usage carefully.

Cost Of Travel

You need 50 Azoth is the base cost, 5 Azoth required to travel 100 meters, 4 Azoth required per 10 units of weight, which is the Encumbrance amount. Note that you will get a discount when travelling from territories owned by your faction.

Acquiring More Azoth

You can replenish your Azoth through several means: completing quests, defeating certain enemies, or extracting it from nodes around Aeternum. Keep an eye out for opportunities to gather this valuable resource.

Azoth travel offers flexibility and convenience at a cost. Smart management of your Azoth reserves, understanding the cost factors, and strategic travel choices

Home Ownership and Fast Travel

Owning a home in New World isn’t just a matter of personal pride or a place to store your extra loot; it’s also a strategic point for fast travel. Here’s how home ownership benefits your in-game mobility:

Benefits of Owning a Home

Once you own a home, you can set it as a personal recall point. This works similarly to an Inn, but it’s yours and doesn’t affect your Inn recall point. Traveling to your house doesn’t cost Azoth, making it an economical option, especially when you’re heavy on loot or low on Azoth.

How to Use Home for Fast Travel

  1. You must first purchase a house in one of the settlements. Remember, this can be quite expensive, so save up!
  2. After buying, you can set your home as a recall point.
  3. To travel back, open your map, select your house icon, and choose to recall to your home.

Cooldowns and Resets

Home recall isn’t without limitations. There’s a cooldown period, but unlike Inns, you can reset this cooldown by spending some Azoth. The freedom to travel more frequently to your stored items or a familiar crafting station can be well worth the cost.

The cooldown timer varies based on the tier of home:

  • 4 Hours – Tier 1 house
  • 3 Hours – Tier 2 house
  • 2.5 Hours – Tier 3 house
  • 2 Hours – Tier 4 house

Strategic Home Purchases

Consider the location before you buy. Choose a settlement that you frequent or one that’s central to resources important to your crafting or questing routine. Owning multiple houses is possible but expensive. Each additional home purchase significantly increases the tax you pay. Choose wisely based on your needs and financial capability.

Home ownership in New World offers more than just a roof over your head; it’s a strategic tool in your travel arsenal.

Spirit Shrines and Fast Travel

Spirit Shrines are more than just eerie landmarks scattered across Aeternum; they’re also one of the key fast travel points that can save you a lot of footslogging. Here’s what you need to know:

What are Spirit Shrines

Spirit Shrines are special locations marked by ancient structures. They’re found throughout the world in Grey/Silver color and act as fast travel points. To use them, you first need to discover them by getting close enough. They then become unlocked on your map.

How to Use Spirit Shrines

  1. Open your world map and look for the unlocked Spirit Shrine icon (Golden). They’re usually represented by a unique symbol that stands out from other points of interest.
  2. Select the Spirit Shrine you want to travel to, and you’ll see an option to fast travel.
  3. Fast traveling to Spirit Shrines costs Azoth. The cost varies based on distance, your encumbrance, and faction control of the territory.

Strategic Use of Spirit Shrines

Discover as many as you can. The more Spirit Shrines you have unlocked, the more options you have for fast travel. They are often located near points of interest, making them handy for quick access to certain areas for quests or resource gathering.


You can’t fast travel to a Spirit Shrine with a full inventory. The more you carry, the more Azoth it costs, so it’s often not feasible when you’re heavily loaded with loot. Spirit Shrines expand your fast travel network beyond just settlements, providing a quicker way to navigate Aeternum’s vast landscapes. They’re especially useful for returning to specific areas for repeated resource gathering or quest completion.

Roads and Movement Speed

While fast travel is a fantastic tool in your journey through Aeternum, never underestimate the traditional method of getting from point A to point B: walking / running. Here’s where the roads come into play:

When you stick to the roads, you receive a 15% movement speed bonus. It’s like your character appreciates a well-trodden path and picks up the pace! This bonus is automatic; you don’t need to do anything special to activate it. Just stay on the road, and you’re good to go.

When the Bonus is Active

The bonus kicks in after 3 seconds of walking on a road. You’ll notice your character’s speed increase. It remains active as long as you’re on a path, regardless of your inventory weight or status effects.

When the Bonus is Canceled

Venturing off the road, getting into combat, or performing actions like harvesting resources will cancel the bonus. Don’t worry, though; it reactivates when you’re back on the road and out of combat.

Strategic Use of Roads

Use roads when you’re not in a rush to spend Azoth, or when you’re enjoying the scenic route. They’re also great for those times when you’re just a few Azoth short of fast-traveling. Roads often connect major points of interest, so they’re a reliable guide if you’re exploring a new area.

Roads vs. Wilderness

While roads are safe and speedy, cutting through the wilderness can be a direct (but risky) approach. Weigh your options based on your current needs.

Remember, roads are your silent ally in New World. They don’t offer the instant gratification of fast travel, but they’re a consistent, reliable option for traversing the beautiful expanses of Aeternum.

Exploiting Death for Fast Travel

In the world of gaming, where there’s a will, there’s a way—even if it means exploiting the game mechanics a bit. Some players in New World have turned to a rather morbid form of fast travel: death. Here’s how this method works and what the game’s stance is on it:

The Death Method

Some players discovered that by intentionally letting their character die, they could bypass traditional travel methods. Upon death, you’re given the option to respawn at the nearest settlement or an inn where you’ve set your recall point, effectively using death as a fast-travel mechanism.

Game’s Response

As of now, the game hasn’t explicitly penalized this act. However, it’s generally considered an exploit, and future updates might address it. There’s a risk involved: exploiting game mechanics can sometimes lead to penalties, including temporary bans if the game’s developers decide to enforce this.

This was everything that you need to know about fast travel in New World. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed New World wiki page.