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How to Fast Travel in New World


New World is a giant open-world game and has many locations you must visit to track resources and complete objectives. Extra traveling can be annoying at times but thanks to the fast travel system you can quickly reach different locations. In this guide, we will discuss all the details you need to know on how to fast travel in New World.

New World: How to Fast Travel

There are multiple locations you can fast travel to. For example, you can recall to the inn and to do this you need to open the world map by pressing the M key and drag the mouse to the inn inside your settlement. You must first check in to the inn before you can unlock the ability to fast travel.

You can also fast travel to the Spirit Shrines. Open the world map by pressing the M key and drag the mouse to a Spirit Shrine and select the fast travel option.

It should be noted that you can only fast travel to the Spirit Shrines you discovered already and you must be within a settlement outpost. You’ll need Azoth to fast travel to Spirit Shrines.

You need to gather as much Azoth as possible to keep fast traveling.

The final method of fast traveling is to buy a house inside a settlement. You can buy up to 3 houses in New World and they act as fast travel points. However, there is a cooldown period that is twice as long as an inn.

That’s the end of this guide and hopefully, it gives you some clarity on how to fast travel in New World. Need more help? See Sword and Shield Skills, Core Attributes, How to Find Linen, How to Use Gem Sockets.

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