Far Cry 6 has a fast travel option in the game due to its large map and large areas in it. There is a lot of traveling space between objectives and quests that you will be fast traveling a lot. Well, fast traveling is not a difficult task to do in Far Cry 6, you just have to unlock the locations first to fast travel there.

Fast Traveling in Far Cry 6

Considering the HUGE map of Far Cry 6, there are a lot of fast travel spots that you can go to any time. So, traveling on foot, on a horse, or even on a vehicle on this big map would be kind of frustrating. This is why you can fast travel anywhere on the map in those areas that you have unlocked.

The locked areas or the areas that you have not yet discovered can be unlocked by entering them once and exploring the areas. After you have unlocked some areas, you can head towards any camps or hideouts that you have control of. These spots can be used to fast travel to any unlocked location on the map of Far Cry 6.

To fast travel, you just need to open the map section and select the fast travel point and confirm. You will be immediately brought to the desired area within seconds.

This is everything that there is to know about Fast Traveling in Far Cry 6. Need more help? See How to Complete Radio Libertad, How to Play With Friends.

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