How to Fast Travel in Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal fast travel

When playing Doom Eternal one thing that initially confused me was the fast travel system. How to unlock fast travel in Doom Eternal? Well, after I finished the first level it became clear how fast travel works in Doom. In our guide today we will explain how to fast travel in Doom Eternal.

How to Fast Travel

Once you start the game don’t worry about this feature as it won’t be available to you. In order to Fast Travel in Doom Eternal, you must complete the first level. Once you do that you will get unlock fast travel for the first level. However, the feature won’t available for the next level. Only completed levels allow you to fast travel to various locations. You will not be able to fast travel outside of that area.

You can’t fast travel all over the map as only certain checkpoints are available within a level. Fast travel helps you explore the secrets and backtrack for collectibles. It is a very useful feature for those wanting to discover the hellish secrets of DOOM Eternal. You can warp your way to find slayer gates, collectibles, and more. When using the fast travel feature in DOOM, keep an eye on your HUD when selecting a fast travel point. The right side of the HUD shows your Demonic Corruption progress, and how many hidden events are left for you to find.

That’s all you need to know about the fast traveling in DOOM Eternal. Check out DOOM Eternal Wiki for more information.

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