Bugsnax map is huge and there is plenty of walking back and fourth during main and side quests. One of the key features that can enhance your Bungsnax experience is the ability to fast travel. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to fast travel in Bugsnax, making your journey through Snaktooth Island more efficient and enjoyable.


How to Fast Travel

Fast travel in Bugsnax isn’t available from the start. You need to progress in the game until you reach a point where you have to help Filbo, the mayor of Snaxburg. Filbo will ask you to gather all the Grumpuses scattered around Snaktooth Island. Once you’ve gathered all the Grumpuses, Filbo will give you a map of Snaktooth Island, which unlocks the fast travel feature.

The map Filbo gives you is your key to fast travel in Bugsnax. It shows all the areas of Snaktooth Island that you’ve explored. Each area is represented by an icon. The areas you haven’t explored yet will be marked with a question mark.

To fast travel, open the map by pressing the designated button on your controller. Navigate through the map using your controller’s joystick. Once you’ve selected the area you want to travel to, confirm your selection. You’ll be instantly transported to the chosen location. However, you can only fast travel to locations you have visited already.


Note: Most of the 9 regions of Bugsnax map are locked behind progression of the main missions. You won’t be able to fast travel until you complete certain quests that lead you to new regions on the map.

Fast travel in Bugsnax is a handy feature that allows you to navigate through Snaktooth Island quickly and efficiently. The fast travel feature was not previously part of the game and was only added with an update back in 2022. Before the official release of fast travel in Bugsnax, we used other shortcuts to travel between areas and thankfully, they still work. So let’s dicuss how to fast travel travel using shortcuts.

How to Fast Travel Using Shortcuts

You can create shortcuts to quickly move between two of the furthest areas on the map: Sizzlin’ Sands and Boiling Bay. This was the go-method before fast travel system go introduced to the game. However, you need to solve puzzles in these areas before they can be used as shortcuts.

Solving the Lava Cave Puzzle: Head to Boiling Bay and find the lava cavern. Inside, you’ll find four statues across the back wall. The straws in each statue’s mouth indicate the order to interact with them. From left to right, the solution is 4, 2, 3, 1. Solving this puzzle opens a shortcut to Sizzlin’ Sands.


Solving the Dunes Puzzle: In Sizzlin’ Sands, you’ll find four statues pointing in different directions. To solve this puzzle, activate the statues in the order they are facing each other. The solution is back right (1), front left (2), back left (3), front right (4). Solving this puzzle opens a shortcut to Boiling Bay.

Once you have solved both puzzles you can start using the shortcuts by walking through the doorway that opens up. Remember that you can only travel between these two puzzles locations.

That’s the end of our guide the Bugsnax fast travel system. We have other things for you read including all Clues and Sauces locations.


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