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How to Farm Wood in AoE4 (Easy Way)


In AoE4, getting wood is essential for various aspects of your civilization’s development. In addition to traditional methods such as harvesting forests and constructing lumber camps, the game introduces Trading Posts as an alternative way to obtain wood. By utilizing Trading Posts strategically, players can effectively supplement their wood supply.

Trading Posts provide a unique opportunity to diversify your wood acquisition by establishing them strategically along designated Trade Routes. As coaches or trains complete full loops along these routes, a chosen resource, including wood, is generated for free. The amount of generated wood depends on the length of the Trade Route, enabling players to tailor their trade mechanism to efficiently bolster their wood supplies.

Farming Wood From Trading Posts in AoE4

Construct Trading Posts: Begin by constructing Trading Posts along designated Trade Routes. These routes can be established between different regions on the map. Trading Posts act as hubs for resource generation.

Choose Wood as the Resource: When setting up a Trading Post, designate wood as the chosen resource for production. This ensures that each time a Coach or Train completes a full loop along the Trade Route, a certain amount of wood is generated for free.

Consider Trade Route Length: The amount of wood generated through the Trading Post is influenced by the length of the Trade Route. Longer routes have the potential to yield higher quantities of wood. Keep this in mind when planning your Trade Routes.

Carefully consider the placement of your Trading Posts. Position them strategically along Trade Routes that optimize wood generation. This can help ensure a steady and reliable supply of wood throughout the game.

Farming Wood From Forestry in AoE4

Age of Empires 4 presents players with a bountiful and valuable resource in the form of trees, even in arid environments. Across almost every map in the game, an abundance of trees can be found, offering convenient access to wood and the opportunity to clear land for construction needs. By identifying and harvesting major forests, players can establish a reliable and consistent supply of wood, which proves essential for constructing new buildings and facilitating the growth of their civilization.

Farming Wood From the Market in AoE4

The Market plays a crucial role as a resource exchange hub, enabling players to trade gold for wood. It offers a valuable avenue for acquiring wood when needed. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that the cost of wood rises as players purchase larger quantities.

As players engage in trade at the Market, the price of wood becomes progressively more expensive with each transaction. This reflects the economic principle of supply and demand. The more wood players buy, the scarcer it becomes, resulting in an increase in its market price.

Some Additional Tips for Wood Farming AoE4

  • Rus Civilization: Golden Gate landmark can trade for 150 of any resource per minute.
  • French Civilization: Guild hall landmark can generate up to 200 of any resource per minute.
  • Abbasid: Traders can return 20% of gold income as any resource.
  • All Other Civilization: Relics generate a small amount of every resource after the tithe barns upgrade at age 4.

If you have any questions about wood farming in Age of Empires 4, let me know in the comments below.

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