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How to Farm Virtue Fast in Like a Dragon Ishin (Easy Way)


You don’t just need cash to in Like a Dragon: Ishin. You’ll also need virtue to get useful benefits and unlock upgrades. But it can be hard to earn enough Virtue to get some of the more advanced upgrades.

However, there are ways to farm Virtue fast in Like a Dragon Ishin. With the right tips, you’ll be able to earn a ton of Virtue and unlock all the upgrades you want. In this guide, let’s go through everything you need to know on how to farm Virtue fast.

How to Get More Virtue in Like a Dragon Ishin

There are plenty of ways to earn Virtue in Like a Dragon: Ishin, and you can do so simply by playing the game. In fact, nearly every action you take in the game, from eating at restaurants to helping civilians on the streets, can earn you a few Virtue points.

Completing Substories, progressing in your bonds with NPCs, and purchasing items from shops are also great ways to accumulate Virtue. With so many opportunities to earn Virtue, you’ll be raking in the currency in no time.

Focusing on Diligence Records also works well to help you get more Virtue. These records act as a challenge log within Like a Dragon: Ishin, offering Virtue as a reward for completing various tasks. The challenges range from completing difficult tasks to simply speaking with a certain number of people a certain number of times.

Other Ways to Earn Virtue

  • Buy Virtue Gain Perks: Go to the Virtue Exchange to purchase Virtue Gain Increase perks.
  • Platinum Plates: To farm Virtue quickly, head to Ebisuya and sell as many Platinum Plates as possible. Each Platinum Plate is worth 375 Virtue.
  • Chicken Races: Play chicken races to farm platinum plates and then sell them for Virtue.
  • Betting (Save before entering): You can bet on chickens via the Dividend List.

List of Tasks that Offer the Most Virtue

TaskVirtue Reward
Spirited Away5000
Socialite Samurai8000
Man of Renown6000
Restaurant Aficionado5000
Climactic Fighter10000
Table showing Tasks and how much Virtue you can earn by completing them.

How to Use Virtue to Buy Items

You will be able to use Virtue at a priest’ s store that you unlock in Chapter 5. To unlock the store, you must go to the shrine and purchase Shinto Priest’s Exchange, now open!” for 500 Virtue.

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