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Hades: 12 Titan Blood Farming Tips I Learned After 100 Hours


Titan Blood is one of the most important and rare artifact currencies that can be earned in the world of Hades. It’s essential to upgrade and unlock new aspects of Zagreus’ weapons, which is necessary to progress further in the underworld. Due to its rarity, players are always on a hunt to get as much Titan Blood as possible. In this guide, we will explain how you can get the maximum amount of Titan Blood possible and manage it.

What is Titan Blood?

Titan Blood is a special resource used to permanently upgrade each of the Infernal Arms, the weapons you use in the game. These upgrades are known as Aspects, and each weapon has four different Aspects that can be unlocked and enhanced using Titan Blood.

Hades Titan Blood Farming Tips

Following are some ways you can easily farm Titan Blood in Hades:

Defeat Megara

To get your hands on the first drops of Titan Blood, you’ll have to defeat the first boss “Megara” located in Tartarus. After you defeat Megara, you’ll get Titan Blood as a reward. To maximize the amount of Titan Blood you get from Megara, you can defeat her again with a different weapon.

Since every weapon has its own rewards tied to it, defeat her with a new weapon every time to get the maximum amount of Titan Blood as rewards.

Adjusting Pact of Punishment Settings

I suggest tweaking the Pact of Punishment settings to suit your gameplay style. For instance, if you have set a tight deadline and keep failing, consider extending the time limit and adding another condition. This can help you beat Hades and earn more Titan Blood.

Golden Touch

Activate the “Golden Touch” mirror upgrade. This allows you to accumulate more gold during your runs, which you can then use to buy Titan Blood from Charon’s shop in the Temple of Styx.

Heat System

After completing the game once, you’ll unlock the Heat system. This allows you to increase the difficulty of your runs in exchange for better rewards. For each increment in Heat, you’ll earn two Titan Blood for defeating the final boss. It’s advisable to increase the Heat by only one point at a time to maximize your Titan Blood earnings.


Fishing in the final boss area or the area beyond it in Greece can sometimes yield a sturgeon. Trading a sturgeon with the Head Chef in the House of Hades will reward you with one Titan Blood.

Wretched Broker

Another thing you can do to get more Titan Blood is to check with the wretched broker at the end of runs. Usually, Titan Blood is available in exchange for “Ambrosia” but since Ambrosia is also a rare currency, that’s a no-go!

What you can do is just keep checking and occasionally you can find deals where the broker will sell you Titan Blood for something other than Ambrosia, for example, Chthonic Keys.

Boss Battles

The most straightforward way to earn Titan Blood is by defeating bosses. You’ll earn Titan Blood after beating the first and final bosses of the game. To maximize your gains, try to defeat these bosses with each of the six different Infernal Arms. This can net you up to 12 Titan Blood initially.

Fated List Quests

Another thing you can do is go through your fated list. Many quests have rewards in Titan Blood and Ambrosia which can be later traded for blood. So go through these and make sure all of the quests have been unlocked for you.

Enable Golden Touch

Another thing you can try is to enable golden touch in the mirror of night and try to collect as much gold as possible through your run. You can then buy blood in exchange for this gold at the Temple of Styx.

No Need to Level Up All Companions

If you’ve already unlocked all of your companions, don’t level all of them all the way up as they need a lot of Ambrosia. And Ambrosia can be traded in for Titan Blood at a one-to-one ratio. You can unlock all of the companions, but we recommend that you wait till later to level them all the way up.

Fated List of Minor Prophecies

The Fated List of Minor Prophecies has a total of five quests that you can complete to get a total of 29 Titan Blood units. These quests are:

  1. War-God’s Bloodlust
  2. Master of Arms
  3. Harsh Conditions
  4. Wanton Ransacking
  5. Dark Reflections

Make sure you complete all of these to obtain Titan Blood.

Defeat Hades

The final way to get Titan Blood is to defeat Hades himself. You can apply the same concept with Hades (defeating Hades with different weapons every time) as we told you to apply with Megara earlier. That’ll help you to get the maximum amount of blood possible.

Other Tips for Farming Titan Blood

  1. Diversify Your Weapons: To maximize your Titan Blood earnings, try to defeat the first and final bosses with each of the six Infernal Arms.
  2. Manage Your Heat: Use the Heat system wisely. Increase the Heat by only one point at a time to ensure you’re not overwhelmed while maximizing your Titan Blood gains.
  3. Complete Prophecies: Keep an eye on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies and complete the tasks that reward Titan Blood.
  4. Trade Wisely: Use the Wretched Broker to trade Ambrosia for Titan Blood, especially if you have Ambrosia to spare.
  5. Check Charon’s Shop: Always check Charon’s shop when you reach the Temple of Styx. If Titan Blood is available and you can afford it, it’s usually worth the purchase.

That’s how you can farm Titan Blood in Hades. To learn more about the game, you can check out our detailed Hades wiki guides.

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