Stone plays a crucial role in Age of Empires 4 as one of the primary resources required for constructing static defenses, researching technologies, and building Wonders. To obtain the stone, players need to send Villagers to collect it from Stone Mines. While stone is not as essential in the early game, it becomes increasingly valuable for creating stone walls and fortresses in the mid to late game.


To effectively gather stone, follow these strategies in Age of Empires 4:

  1. Scout for stone deposits: In the early game, prioritize scouting to identify stone deposits on the map. This allows you to plan your resource collection and allocate Villagers accordingly.
  2. Establish Stone Mines: Once you locate stone deposits, build Stone Mines near the resources. This enables efficient collection by your Villagers. Consider placing Mining Camps strategically to optimize their access to multiple stone deposits.
  3. Assign Villagers: Assign Villagers to work at the Stone Mines. The number of Villagers assigned depends on the availability of stone and your current needs. Balancing the number of Villagers gathering stone with other resource-gathering activities is essential to maintain a harmonious economy.
  4. Babylonian advantage: If playing as the Babylonians, take advantage of their stone-related bonus, which grants faster stone mining and increased carrying capacity. This bonus enhances their efficiency in gathering stones.
  5. Defensive structures and technologies: Utilize stone to construct defensive structures like Small Walls, Medium Walls, Fortified Walls, Watch Towers, Sentry Towers, Guard Towers, and Ballista Towers. Additionally, invest in technologies such as Stone Mining and Siegecraft to improve stone gathering rates and carry capacity.

Farm Stone From Stone Outscrapping

In Age of Empires 4, Villagers possess the ability to extract stone from valuable sources known as Stone Outcroppings. To optimize the collection process, it is advisable to construct a Mining Camp in close proximity to the Outcropping, enabling convenient depositing of the mined stone.

Age of Empires 4 Stone farming

By assigning a select group of villagers to work on the Outcropping, players can swiftly accumulate a significant quantity of stone. It is important to keep in mind that each Stone Outcropping has a maximum capacity of 1500 stones. Once this limit is reached, players must locate a new Outcropping or explore alternative methods such as trading other resources for stone to sustain their supply.

Purchase Stone With Gold

In Age of Empires 4, the Market provides a valuable opportunity for players to exchange gold for stone. This feature serves as a convenient alternative when Stone Outcroppings are scarce or inaccessible. By constructing a Market and engaging in trade, players can leverage their gold reserves to acquire the essential stone resources needed for their civilization. This trading mechanism allows for flexibility and resource management, ensuring a steady supply of stone even in the absence of readily available Stone Outcroppings.

Remember, stone is not an immediate necessity in the early stages of the game. However, as you progress, secure a steady supply of stone to fortify your defenses, unlock advanced technologies, and potentially construct Wonders. Adapt your strategy based on the availability of stone deposits, the demands of your civilization, and the evolving game situation.

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