In Destiny 2 Beyond Light you need to gather a good amount of Recon Data to gain some reputation with Crow. If you don’t already know, Recon Data is a new resource you can farm in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. You can gather Recon Data and bring it back to Crow on the Tangled Shore to get your hands on Season of the Hunt gear items. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know on how to get more Recon Data in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.


Destiny 2 Beyond Light Farming Guide: How to Get More Recon Data

To get more Recon Data in Destiny 2 Beyond Light you need to complete Wrathborn Hunts. There are a ton of these hunts available in the game and you can complete them to get XP but most importantly, farm Recon Data. Doing Wrathborn Hunts are a great way to farm Recon Data.

To start a new Wrathborn Hunt you need to get an item called the Cryptolith Lure. It is easy to get from the Spider after you start the new season so there is nothing special about the process. Moreover, getting the Cryptolith Lure will also start the first Wrathborn Hunt. However, you need to charge the lure to participate in future Wrathborn Hunts, the more you charge the more hunts you can attempt in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. So how do you charge the Cryptolith Lure? To charge the Cryptolith Lure you need to play Crucible or Gambit matches or go on Strikes. You can earn additional Cryptolith Charges by killing tough enemies or getting precision final attacks against foes.

There is good news for Season of the Hunt pass owners. Reach level 32, 52, 72, and 92 to get a boost for how much Recon Data your Destiny 2 character can get as a reward for completing Wrathborn Hunts. You can also increase the amount of Recon Data you get from unlocking Cryptolith Lure upgrades.


And that’s all you need to know on how to farm Recon Data in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. If you need more help with the game check out our Destiny 2 Wiki section.