Money is essential in any game involving some progression or upgrades. Whether it’s a resource-based game, a strategy-oriented game, FPS, or even an RPG, money allows players to purchase upgrades, better equipment, and items, and, in general, make their character more powerful.

Thus, it is unsurprising that the newly released High on Life requires some monetary investment. After all, any great experience necessitates a bit of cost to make it truly extraordinary. You need money (Pesos) if you want to purchase exclusive power-ups or unique perks in High on Life, which means farming pesos becomes crucial.

Best Ways To Farm Pesos in High on Life

In High on Life, Pesos are the currency that used in the game, and here’s how you can get them quickly:

Farming Method #1: Complete Bounties

Completing bounties is one of the most straightforward routes to farming coins or pesos. Although it may need more excitement if we look for the most efficient ways to farm money, why aren’t we talking about this method? To farm a considerable sum of coins or pesos, employ 5,000 Bounty while playing the game.

Farming Method #2: Find Lugloxes

As you traverse High on Life, mysterious treasure boxes – known as Lugloxes – are strategically placed throughout the game for a reason. Lugloxes are one of the most effective methods to farm coins, but if you need a hand, Info Scanner is here to help.

Do you need help tracking down Luglox? Look no further! Check out Our High on Life All Jungle Clearing and All Deep Jungle Luglox Locations Guides.

Farming Method #3: Defeat Enemies

If you’re looking to farm some quick money while playing High on Life, one of the most tried-and-true approaches is defeating opponents and progressing through the game. However, the foes’ loots change each playthrough. Thus, make sure to grab any spoils they may leave behind!

Farming Method #4: Warp Crystal

As you plunge into your first experience of High on Life, you will stumble upon the Zephyr Paradise. Once you reach this region, your initial task should be to summon additional enemies with Warp Crystal. This method allows you to spawn and defeat enemies endlessly, resulting in more money gained at the end day.

That’s all for now! With these 4 methods, you can easily farm pesos in High On Life. Need more help? Here are some more guides you may like:

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