Mages can be found throughout the world and they usually drop 2-3 items when defeated. The first thing you need to do is identify which mage has which item. After that, you need to defeat that mage multiple times until you have enough of the desired item. This can be a difficult process but it is worth it for the rewards that you’ll receive. With this guide, farming mages in Salt and Sacrifice will be a breeze.

Salt and Sacrifice Mage Farming Tips

In this list below, we have provided a few tips and tricks that will help you effectively farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice to get your desired items:

  1. You can find Mages in the Arzhan-Tin near the gatehouse to the right of the Ashbourne Village and Celus Zend over the Root-Ceil Cave.
  2. After tracking them down, the Mages forced them to battle and concentrated all of their assaults on it.
  3. Mages are known to teleport away and are likely to flee once they’ve taken enough damage.
  4. One of the first things that players will need to get used to is recognizing the direction in which Mages in Salt and Sacrifice teleport. This is especially important while farming this monster, as it would save players a lot of time and bother.
  5. The rest of the pursuit is very simple after players learn to identify where the Mage flees to. After following the Mage out of a cave, players will come across them again in the opposite direction. And when they have inflicted enough damage, the enemy will fall.
  6. You will be given the crafting material they need if they cut out the Mage’s heart in the first game.
  7. Returning to Pardoner’s Vale and re-entering the level allows players to keep spawning the Mage over and over again, allowing them to farm it as much as they want.

This is all we have got in how to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Salt and Sacrifice wiki page.

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