How to Farm Lei Fast in Resident Evil Village

How to Farm Lei Fast in Resident Evil Village

Lei is the primary currency in Resident Evil Village. It is used to buy any item that can be bought in Resident Evil Village at Duke’s shop. This guide covers all the income sources in Resident Evil Village that can be used to farm Lei fast in the game.

Farm Lei Fast in Resident Evil Village

There are quite a few methods to farm a good quantity of Lei in Resident Evil Village, you can get a good quantity of Lei using the below methods effectively. These methods will reward you with an effective number of Lei, and you can buy anything from the collected Lei easily.

First of all, you can hunt animals to get Lei. You can hunt pigs, sheep, and chicken then pick up their meat and sell it to Duke in his shop in exchange for Lei. You need to be conservative about your ammo as ammo is also expensive so you should consider not wasting many bullets.

There are several breakable objects in Resident Evil Village. There are crates, barrels, and many other items, which can grant you a few Lei if you break them. You can also search for furniture to get Lei, there is a lot of furniture in the game, and you can search drawers, dressers, and other furniture items and you will receive some worthy items that can be sold to Duke in his shop.

Enemies also drop Lei upon getting killed. Most enemies that you kill drop 150 to 300 Lei, this is not much but still acts as a drop to the river and is a good contribution. However, you should keep in mind that not every enemy drops Lei, so you will have to consider your ammo and not waste much on every enemy as it is not guaranteed that you will receive Lei from every single enemy killed.

You will find treasure items in the game, which are quite expensive and these are the items that will get you a good amount of Lei upon selling them in Duke’s Emporium. Keep in mind that you should be hasty in selling treasure as some treasure items can be combined with other items to provide you a great deal of Lei. Finally, you can find Lei laying randomly on the ground, but it won’t be much.

This is everything we had on how you can get Lei easily in Resident Evil Village. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Resident Evil Village wiki guides.

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