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New World Iron Ore Locations And Farming Route (2023)


Iron is a necessary resource item in New World and is easy to find if you know where to look for it. Iron can be smelted to make Iron ingots after mining it from its source. Iron can be mined by using a mining pick. The very first mining pick that you will get is the flint mining pick, which you can craft anywhere in a workshop of your settlement. This guide will help you farm Iron in New World.

Iron Ore, a crucial resource in New World, forms the backbone of the game’s crafting system. Almost every player, regardless of their chosen profession, will find themselves in need of Iron Ore at some point. Here’s why it’s so sought after:

  • Crafting Material: Iron Ore is a primary ingredient for making various items, including weapons, armor, and tools, which are essential for survival and combat. It’s also used in crafting components like Iron Ingots, which are fundamental in recipes for higher-level gear and items.
  • Trading Economy: Given its universal demand, Iron Ore serves as a valuable commodity in New World’s player-driven economy. It’s not just crafters who are after it; traders also seek Iron Ore to sell on the Trading Post for a profit, influencing the market dynamics significantly.
  • Player Progression: Gathering Iron Ore isn’t just about the resources. It’s also a valuable activity for leveling up your character’s mining skill, which, in turn, allows you to mine more advanced and rare minerals as you progress through the game.
  • City Projects & Faction Missions: Iron Ore is often required to complete various city projects and faction missions. These are critical for advancing within your faction, improving settlements, and gaining various rewards, including experience points, faction tokens, and gold.

Note: Use fast travel locations to quickly move around the map to farm Iron.

Best Locations to Find Iron Ore

In New World, Iron Ore can be found in various regions, each with its unique terrain and level of danger. However, some spots are particularly rich in this resource, making them hotspots for players. Here are the most notable locations:

Here you can all the Iron ore you want.
  1. First Light: Known for its relatively safe environment, First Light is an excellent starting area for new players. The region’s southern area, near the coast, is rich in Iron Ore nodes.
  2. Windsward: This region is abundant with resources, and Iron Ore is no exception. The areas around Windsward town, especially to the south and southeast, are laden with Iron Ore.
  3. Monarch’s Bluffs: West of Windsward, this area offers a plethora of Iron Ore, particularly around the western edges and near the center of the region, close to the settlement.
  4. Everfall: North of Windsward, Everfall has various Iron Ore deposits, especially in the area between Everfall and Brightwood.
  5. Cutlass Keys: This southern region has several Iron Ore spots, particularly along the hills and cliffs.
  6. Restless Shore: For higher-level players, Restless Shore offers many resources, including Iron Ore, but be prepared for tougher enemies.
  7. Mourningdale: Located in the eastern part of the map, it offers a good amount of Iron Ore, especially around the edges of the region.

Each of these locations has its unique challenges, from the types of creatures you’ll encounter to the competition with other players for resources. It’s wise to explore these areas while being fully prepared for combat and having ample storage space to hoard as much Iron Ore as possible.

Efficient Farming Routes for Iron Ore

To maximize your Iron Ore haul in New World, you’ll want to follow efficient farming routes that cover the most ground with the least amount of backtracking. Here are some tried-and-true routes that players have discovered:

First Light Loop: Start at the settlement and head south towards the coast. Follow the coastline eastward, then loop back up and around towards the settlement. This route is rich in Iron Ore nodes and is relatively safe for lower-level players.

Monarch’s Bluffs Run: Start at the settlement, move west towards the shore, then loop up north and around back towards the settlement. The western edge of Monarch’s Bluffs is particularly abundant in Iron Ore.

Iron Ore Farming Route #1
Iron Ore Farming Route #2

Crafting and Uses of Iron Ore

Once you’ve gathered enough Iron Ore, it’s time to put it to good use. Iron is a crucial resource in “New World,” and its applications are vast and vital to progression. Here’s how you can utilize your hard-earned Iron Ore:

  1. Smelting: The first step is to smelt Iron Ore into Iron Ingots. You’ll need to find a smelter; these are typically located in settlements. Remember, smelting Iron Ore not only gives you Iron Ingots, which are used in various crafting recipes, but also contributes to leveling up your smelting skill.
  2. Crafting Weapons and Armor: Iron Ingots are primary materials for crafting early-game weapons and armor. Whether you’re a sword wielder, a bow enthusiast, or a staff user, you’ll need Iron Ingots. The same goes for armor, as Iron is integral in crafting standard protection gear.
  3. Tool Crafting: Tools are a player’s best friend in “New World,” and Iron Ingots are used to craft or upgrade many of them. Whether it’s mining picks, logging axes, or fishing poles, Iron is a staple.
  4. Bullet and Cartridge Crafting: For those who use guns, Iron is essential in crafting bullets and cartridges. Without a steady supply, your ranged effectiveness could be compromised.
  5. Trade Skill Leveling: Crafting items using Iron Ingots also contributes to leveling up your trade skills, like Weaponsmithing, Armoring, and Engineering. This progression is crucial for accessing higher-tier recipes and items.
  6. Trading and Economy: Don’t need the Iron Ingots for personal use? They’re a hot commodity on the trading post due to their high demand. Selling Iron Ingots or crafted items can be a steady income source, especially for players looking to save up for their house or rare gear.
  7. Company Contributions and Wars: Companies often require resources for various activities, including claiming territories or waging wars. Contributing Iron Ingots can help your company achieve its goals and strengthen its standing.
  8. Repairing Items: Iron Ingots are also used in repairing your gear, which is crucial after intense battles or long crafting sessions.

Understanding the uses of Iron Ore and the products you can craft with it is essential for strategizing your gameplay, whether you’re focused on combat, crafting, or commerce.

This is everything that you need to know about farming Iron in New World. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our New World wiki page.

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