The best gear in Outriders requires an endgame currency called Drop Pod Resources. This resource can only be acquired from endgame activities, Expeditions. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to efficiently farm Drop Pod Resources in Outriders to get endgame gear.


Outriders Drop Pod Resources Farming

The first thing that we need to understand about Drop Pod Resources can’t drop during the main campaign of the game. Drop Pod Resources only drop after the campaign is finished and Expeditions are unlocked. In order to unlock Expeditions, travel to camp, and interact with the terminal. It’s through running these Expeditions that we earn Drop Pod Resources.

To maximize the amount of Drop Pod Resources, we need to play Expeditions on the highest available Challenge Tier – starting from one all the way to fifteen. The higher the Challenge Tier, the more rewards we’ll earn. One important thing to note here is that these Challenge Tiers aren’t related to World Tiers in any way. Both of them are completely different and World Tiers don’t affect the difficulty of Expeditions in any way.

A higher Challenge Tier, however, also means that Expeditions will be exponentially difficult. For example, an Expedition at Challenge Tier 10 means that we’ll be -10 levels under enemies. This is where our builds, legendries, etc. will come into play.

Expeditions reward different tiers of rewards depending on how quickly it’s completed. It can be Gold, Silver, Bronze, or nothing. These aren’t only important for advancing Challenge Tiers but are also unlock a Drop Pod that contains Drop Pod Resources. Once again, the higher the Challenge Tier, the more Drop Pod Resources we’ll earn. A little tip isn’t to mindlessly spend these Drop Pod Resources since we’ll need around 40,000 of these resources in order to unlock the last Expedition in the game.

That’s all we’ve got in how to farm Drop Pod Resources in Outriders. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Outriders wiki guides.