How to Farm Credits in Everspace 2: Get More Credits With These Tips

Everspace 2 credits farming

As is the case with Everspace 1, the second game’s economy revolves around Credits as well. As an Everspace 2 player, you need to farm plenty of credits to progress. Credits are your primacy currency in the Everspace universe. In this quick guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to farm credits in Everspace 2.

Everspace 2: How to Get More Credits

In Everspace 2 there are over 10 ways for you to warn credits and we will go through each of them. Credits help you get more resources, craft items, and more.

Loot Destroyed Ships and Wreckage

Destroyed ships drop credits behind and you can pick up these dropped credits. While they may not be much, looting credits from destroyed ships is the easiest way to get more credits in Everspace 2. Additionally, look for wreckage and derelicts as they drop credits that are adrift in space.

Loot Containers

Containers are boxes dropped by ships and freighters. They contain resources, blueprints, equipment, and credits. Loot these containers when you come across them for a chance to get more credits in Everspace 2.

Complete NPC Missions

In the vast universe of Everspace 2, you will come across many interesting characters. Many NPCs will offer you missions and you can complete them to earn credits, among other resources.

Complete Faction Missions

In addition to NPC missions, you complete Faction missions to farm credits in Everspace 2.

Sell Unwanted Resources

You will collect multiple resources in Everspace 2 and not all of them are useful to you. Sell unwanted resources to vendors to get more credits.

Complete Challenges

You can complete special challenges in Everspace 2 to farm credits. Challenges are given to you at the beginning of every run, up to 3 challenges are available. Completion of each challenge gives you more credits.

Scan Extraplanetary Lifeforms

Explore as much as you can in Everspace 2 and during your exploration, you will find a ton of new lifeforms. Scan everything you come across to earn more credits.

And that’s all you need to know about farming credits in the game.

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