In The Callisto Protocol, a horror survival game, you use credits to buy and improve new items. Credits are also used to print and to have the best possible inventory in the game; it’s important that you know how credit farming works so that you can earn more credits.

Farming Credits in Callisto Protocol Game

Here are some ways you can farm credits:

  • Defeat Enemies
  • Stomp Biophages
  • Explore Black Iron Prison
  • Selling Inventory Items

Let’s dive deep into each of the aforementioned credit farming methods.

Defeat Enemies

You will encounter different types of enemies while playing through the Black Iron Prison, and after defeating them, you’ll earn credits. To earn extra credits, complete the main story arc objectives.

Stomp Biophages

To take down the Biophage, you must first find it. Once found, stomp on it repeatedly until it is defeated. Remember to do this whenever you see an enemy lying on the floor; by doing so, you will gain credits and other types of resources.

Explore Black Iron Prison

There are many more things to discover in the Black Iron Prison than you can imagine. This land is full of chests, some of which will be in plain sight while others will be hidden. You’ll need to explore carefully to find as many chests as possible. Inside the chest, you will find credits and other valuable resources.

Selling Inventory Items

Only some items in your inventory will be useful, and they’ll only take up space if you don’t get rid of them. The best way to eliminate these items is by selling them at the Reforge terminal for credits.

Overall, there are many ways to farm credits in the Callisto Protocol. Whether you choose to explore the Black Iron Prison, defeat enemies, or sell your inventory items for credits, you must always keep an eye out for opportunities to earn more of them. With enough credits, you will have access to all the best items and upgrades in the game, giving you a competitive advantage over other players. So work hard and stay focused; you’ll be racking those credits soon!

That’s everything you need to know about farming credits in The Callisto Protocol. Need more help? Here are some more guides you may like:

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