The Lechonk is an adorable Normal-type Pokemon found in the Paldea that was introduced to us all with the arrival of Pokemon Generation IX. If you’re beginning your Pokémon journey, don’t miss the opportunity to capture this pig-like creature in Paldea! With a relatively simple process and high-value rewards, it’s worth every effort.

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However, with the population at Lechonk divided evenly between males and females, evolving male Lechonk into Oinkologne will be different from their female counterparts.

Evolving Lechonk Into Oinkologne

For those new to the Pokemon world, Lechonk is a great starting point, given its welcoming disposition. Though its evolution can become slightly intricate, it will become second nature with time and practice. To ensure that the Lechonk successfully Evolves into an Oinkologne, reach level 18, as this will trigger its natural evolution. After that, it’s up to you how you want your Lechonk to level up by fighting or feeding EXP candies.

Where To Find Lechonk

If you’re looking for Lechonk, then look no further! They’re plentiful in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – all you have to do is keep your eyes peeled. Easily found by scouring the landscape, You can spot these elusive little creatures with relative ease. Searching around will ensure that your Pokedex will be full of them soon enough!

When you choose your Pokémon, please pay attention to the gender; this will determine what skills it obtains when evolving into an Oinkologne. Additionally, the look of Lechonk is drastically different. The female Lechonk bridger has a distinctively different face color than its body. On the other hand, the male one has a uniform tone.

Moreover, If you’re on the hunt for Oinkologne, the evolved form of Lechonk, head to Areas One and Five in the Southern Province or Tagtree Thicket. There you will find your prize!

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