By evolving your Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, you’re strengthening them and ensuring they can keep up with the competition. With so many different Pokemons available to catch, and each one having unique evolution conditions, it can be tough to manage. However, almost every Pokemon will evolve in one of two ways: by maxing out their Friendship bond or giving them a special stone.

A Pokedex for the Paldea Region is a compilation of new and existing Pokemon, each with its unique evolution method. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to evolve every Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

All Pokemon Evolutions

NoPokemonHow to EvolveEvolved Form
1GimmighoulCollect 999 Gimmighoul CoinsGholdengo
2FinizenReach minimum 38 level. However, you must have a friend in the Union Circle co-op mode.Palafin
3CharcadetEquip Auspicious Armor Armarouge
4CharcadetEquip Malicious ArmorCeruledge
5PawmoTake 1,000 steps along with “Let’s Go Mechanic.”Pawmot
6RellorTake 1,000 steps along with “Let’s Go Mechanic.”Rabsca
7BramblinTake 1,000 steps along with “Let’s Go Mechanic.”Brambleghast
8DunsparceLearn Move Hyper Drill and Then Level UpDundunsparce
9GirafarigLearn win Beam and Then Level Up
10BisharpHold Leader’s Crest while taking three Bisharp and Then Level UpKingambit
12PrimeapeUse Rage Fist 20x to Level UpAnnihilape
13CapsakidFire StoneScovillain
14TadbulbThunder StoneBellibolt
15CetoddleIce StoneCetitan
16ScytherHold Metal Coat and Trade Scizor
17SlowpokeHold King’s Rock and Trade Slowbro
18SneaselDuring night giving it Razor Claw Weavile
19EeveeThunder StoneJolteon
20EeveeWater StoneVaporeon
21EeveeFire StoneFlareon
22EeveeHigh Friendship at DaytimeEspeon
23EeveeHigh Friendship at NightUmbreon
24EeveeIce StoneGlaceon
25EeveeLeaf StoneLeafeon
26EeveeHigh Friendship Using Fairy-Type moveSylveon
27HaunterTrade Haunter with a friend.Gengar
28PichuHigh FriendshipPikachu
29PikachuThunder StoneRaichu
30HappinyOval Stone (Day)Chansey
31ChanseyHigh FriendshipBlissey
32IgglybuffHigh FriendshipJigglypuff
33JigglypuffMoon StoneWigglytuff
34KirliaDawn Stone (Male Only)Gallade
35BonslyTeach MimicSudowoodo
36MurkrowDusk StoneHonchkrow
37MagnetonThunder StoneMagnezone
38SnoruntDawn Stone (Female Only)Froslass
39RioluHigh Friendship (Day)Lucario
40SinisteaChipped PotPolteageist
41ApplinTart AppleFlapple
42ApplinSweet AppleAppletun
43GrowlitheFire StoneArcanine
44EelektrikThunder StoneEelektross
45MisdreavusDusk StoneMismagius
46FloetteShiny StoneFlorges
47SunkernSun StoneSunflora
48AzurillHigh FriendshipMarill
49SteeneeLearn Stomp Move and Then Level upTsareena
50PetililSun StoneLilligant
51SlowpokeHold King’s Rock and TradeSlowking
52ShellderWater StoneCloyster
53SnomHigh Friendship (Night)Frosmoth

That is everything you need to know on evolving every Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Need more help? Here are some more helpful guides you may like:

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