At the end of Part 1, you will reach the Ghost Ship’s hold, where First Swab Gullet will explain the duties to Guybrush. The job is to clean up some grease, but it quickly becomes its own puzzle.

Every time you try to clean it up, another patch of grease comes down, and you’re stuck in a loop, unable to escape the ship’s hold. So what to do? After you get the job pamphlet open the crate in the ship’s hold to find Murray.

Since you can’t use the stairs to escape, you must find another way out. Grab the mop and start cleaning the grease, then use the mob in the three screws at the edge of the pothole. Lubricate all three screws and use your knife to unscrew the bolts to open the pothole. You use the pothole to escape, but the pothole also needs lubrication.

Grab the mop again and lube the pothole with grease. You must put grease in the pothole three times to properly lubricate it. Put down the mop and slide down the pothole to reach the ship’s side. You can then head right and up the ladder to reach the deck, where you will meet LeChuck, who’ll explain your next quest, finding the skull you need to reach Monkey Island.

The skull is used as an ingredient to create the potion that takes you to Monkey Island, or at least that’s what LeChuck thinks will happen. I’ll cover the skull’s location and how to get it in a separate guide soon, so stay tuned!

That’s everything there is to know on this topic but if you need more help with the game, check out the Mop puzzle solution, where I help you get the mop by finding the mop tree. You can also check out our guide on where you can get the eye patch.

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