The slow burn pacing of The Medium takes a drastic turn when you have to escape a monster chasing you relentlessly. The encounter begins after you finish the cutscene inside Thomas’ secret room. In this quick guide, I will explain how to easily escape the monster in The Medium.

The Medium: How to Escape the Monster

Escaping the monster is pretty easy since it is pretty much a scripted sequence. Still, if you slow down or don’t really know where to go, the monster will kill you. You need to reach the area where the monster can’t reach you. To escape the monster in The Medium, simply follow the path to reach a spirit pool.

If you manage to clear the level without being spotted, you can unlock an achievement. Once you manage to reach the spirit pool you can continue to follow the path while crouched. Use the wooden crates to hide, as the monster starts to walk away follow it carefully but remain behind cover.

When you reach the large section of the level make sure to stay hidden while the monster stands in front of the wooden crates for a bit. When he turns walks away follow him again while keeping yourself covered behind the crates. Move slowly and stay crouched to escape the monster without being seen.

Get to the next Spirit Pool and recharge the Spirit Shield, go past the moths and move down the hallway.

And that’s all you need to know on how to escape the monster in The Medium. Also check out Find Thomas, how to develop photos, Bunker Water puzzle solution, or visit our dedicated The Medium Wiki.

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