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How to Enter Hollis’s Mind in Psychonauts 2


Hollis is the second main boss of the game, and to defeat him, we need to get into his mind. It is not so easy to defeat Hollis, as it would be a complex and a long fight with Hollis. This is how you can enter his mind and defeat this boss in Psychonauts 2.

Getting into Hollis’s Mind in Psychonauts 2

First off, you will need to enter a classroom, where she will be standing in the center. We need to go into the class to unlock the achievement of attending the class. Hollis will be talking to other students, when you enter the classroom.

After you have entered the classroom, you will know by his disappointment that you are late to the class. You would clearly see his aggression and annoyance at your lack of punctuality. We need to communicate to Hollis and will have options to choose from dialogues. This conversation may not necessarily affect much, but it might contribute to the casino mission.

Upon talking to Hollis, you will instantly know that he doesn’t want to talk to your character and is furious because of your lack of punctuality. Hollis claims you for interrupting his class sessions.

Now, you will have the option to ask why you cannot join Lady Luctopus’s mission. This will make Hollis more furious and angrier. If you enter the casino, you will be indicated that an experienced Psychonauts is the in charge of her (Lady Luctopus).

After the exchange of dialogues, you should ask Hollis about the commencement of classes. After this, when you will enter the class the boss fight will be triggered. You will also notice a portal on his forehead to enter his mind.

This is everything that we have on how you can enter Hollis’s mind in Psychonauts 2. Need more help? See Getting Dream Fluff, Outrun Bees, Questionable Area PSI Challenge Cards Locations.

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