Nations are involved in a war for a variety of reasons. Some nations may seek to protect their interests, while others may act on behalf of allies. In some cases, nations may enter into war to defend against aggression or attempt to overthrow a government.

In some cases, wars may end through negotiated peace between the parties involved. The Involuntary or Voluntary capitulation of one of the sides may also lead to conflict termination by reducing war support up to -100. In this guide, ill tell you how to end wars in Victoria 3.

What is War Support

War support is a number between -100 and 100 that shows how much of the population supports the war. A nation cannot achieve 0 war support if its goals are to “conquer the state” or “annex.” However, The index number starts at 100 and generally decreases over time due to the following elements:

  • -0.25 Base Decay Rate
  • Every time 10% occupation reduces -1.
  • -2 In case the enemy took a step back and had 100% control over war activities. Meanwhile, the war control only is 0% if pro-rata reaches 0.
  • The number of casualties matters (dead + wounded).
  • Every time 10% of the population radical reduces -0.2


Capitulation includes the following:

  • Involuntary Capitulation
  • Voluntary Capitulation

Involuntary Capitulation

Involuntary capitulation is when a nation surrenders without any terms being met. When the war rate drop-down -100, the nations will automatically end the war. There’s a chance that only one nation wants to give up and end the war, but border disputes continue.

Voluntary Capitulation

A nation may choose to capitulate at any time during a war, even if they are not occupied. This will cause an immediate ceasefire and the enforcement of all current peace terms against the nation that capitulated. For nations supporting other nations in war but have no war goals of their own against the nation they are supporting, voluntary capitulation will only cost them the ability to continue participating in the war. It is often advantageous to cut losses and capitulate early before a nation is occupied and forced to accept much harsher terms.

Negotiated Peace

A negotiated peace is a way to end a war without either side having to capitulate. All nations involved in the war must agree to the proposed peace deal to go into effect. Once a negotiated peace has been agreed upon, all current peace terms are enforced, and a ceasefire is declared. If both countries have high war support, maintaining peace through negotiation is impossible. They would need to reduce their war support instead.

That explains everything you need to know about ending wards. For more help, check out the following:

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