How to Enable and Disable Predator Hunting Grounds Crossplay

Crossplay Predator Hunting Grounds

Crossplay is a great feature to have in online games but often there are times when you just need a break from your buddies on other platforms. Just like in many games that feature crossplay Predator Hunting Grounds allows you to enable and disable this feature at will. In this article, we will explain you can toggle the Predatory Hunting Grounds crossplay feature.

Predator Hunting Grounds Crossplay

Many of you may not even know that this game features cross-platform play. Ever since its announcement the marketing of this game led us to believe this is a PlayStation 4 Exclusive game, which is true in away. Predatory Hunting Grounds is a console exclusive that is also available on PC via the Epic Games Store. The game allows PS4 users to play with their buddies on PC or simply do random matchmaking.

How to Enable Crossplay

By default, this feature is already active in the game. You not even notice when playing Predator Hunting Grounds that the crossplay is active. And suddenly the mouse and keyboard players are aiming everything at your head with ease.

How to Disable Crossplay

To disable crossplay in Predator Hunting Ground you need to open the menu and go to general. There you will see the crossplay option which you can use to toggle off the feature. If you wish to turn it on again you do so at any point.

If you need more help with the game check out the Predator Hunting Grounds Wiki.

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