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How To Enable Cross-Platform Save In Warframe


Warframe is a free-to-play game released over a decade ago and is still going strong as the devs introduce new features and continuously release content. This continuous drop of content has allowed Warframe to keep its player base. Over the years, many Warframe players have created multiple accounts across multiple devices because the game didn’t support cross-platform play. That is changed and players can now enable Cross-platform saves and unify their progress. In this Warframe guide, I will help you with how to enable the Cross-platform save.

How To Enable Cross-Platform Save

Cross-Platform Save in Warframe is an optional feature that allows players to either Merge or Link their accounts, enabling unified progress across all platforms. This feature means players can use a single Warframe account across different platforms, albeit with certain restrictions. When enabling Cross-Platform Save, your accounts will either follow the path of Merging or Linking​​.

Merging vs. Linking

Merging and linking are two separate operations that players can perform to enable the cross-platform save.


This is a permanent method that combines multiple accounts into one. You select one account as the Primary Account, which retains its progression. Items, Customizations, Resources, and Currencies from all connected accounts are combined into this merged account​​.


This permanent selection allows you to choose one Warframe account as your Primary Account. This account’s progression and items can be used on any linked platform​​.

Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Accounts created before November 24 at 2 p.m. ET can Merge.
  • Accounts created after this time are not eligible to Merge but can Link.
  • Accounts involved in a previous PC-to-console migration cannot Merge but can Link​​.

Enabling Cross-Platform Save

First, you must have or create a PC Warframe account. This account becomes a component in creating a Cross-Platform Save Account. You don’t need to play Warframe on PC to use your Cross-Platform Save Account​​. You can only link or merge one account from each platform into your Cross-Platform Save Account. This includes PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, with iOS and Android versions to be compatible upon their release​​.

Specific Steps:

  • Log into the Warframe website.
  • Navigate to Account Management.
  • Here, you should find options for Cross-Platform Save.
  • Follow the steps provided for either Merging or Linking accounts.

Points to Note:

  • The One-Time Account Merge is permanent, and you won’t be able to retrieve your previous profiles once it’s done​​​​.
  • There are restrictions on certain items during the One-Time Account Merge, such as certain platform-exclusive skins and items​​.
  • For successfully Linked or Merged accounts, you will receive a confirmation message and see the status on your Account Management page​​.

Cross-Play Functionality

Additionally, Warframe has implemented cross-play functionality, allowing you to play with friends on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. This can be toggled on or off in the game’s Options menu​​​​.

That is all for our Warframe guide on how to enable the cross-platform save. For more on the game, also see How To Get Qorvex and How To Get Vosfar guides.

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