How to Easily Tame Boars in Valheim

How to Tame Boars in Valheim

Boars are among the first few animals that players will encounter in Valheim. These wild pigs are small creatures that can be tamed to easily get materials such as Raw Meat and Leather Scraps that are needed for different crafting recipes. But how does one tame a boar in the game?! This guide has all the answers that players need! In this guide, we’ve provided a complete overview of all there’s to know about how to easily tame boars in Valheim.

How to Tame Boars in Valheim

The first step in trying to tame a boar is to find it. Boars can usually be found roaming around in the Meadows. Once found, players will need to find the food that the boars like in order to successfully tame them. This includes things like Mushrooms, Berries, Carrots, etc.

Simply select one of the foods mentioned and toss it somewhere where the boar is easily able to find. After finding the food, the boar will scurry to it and begin consuming it. If all goes well, players should be able to see a small, yellow heart on top of the animal’s head – indicating that it’s being tamed.

Players will need to continue and offer more food if required to be able to tame the creature completely. Some players have also reported that using a cage to tame boars in the game also works great. Simply wait for the boar to enter the cage, toss the food in, throw in some more if needed, and domesticate it.

Once domesticated, players will need to feed them carrots to keep them happy. Since these animals are scared of fire, players can hold a torch while entering the cage if they’re worried about boars attacking them.

That’s all we’ve got in how to easily tame boars in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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