Titanium is a resource type in Outriders, which is used to upgrade Epic, Rare, and Legendary Gear and weapons. This means that Titanium is quite a useful and necessary resource for players if they want to progress through the story of Outriders. Here, we will discuss how you can get Titanium and use it in Outriders.


How to Get Titanium in Outriders

There are several ways to obtain Titanium. The first one being that the players who want to get Titanium will have to dismantle Epic and Legendary items and weapons. So, if you have a weapon in your inventory that you do not need and is from the classes of Epic and Legendary, you can dismantle it to get Titanium. All of the Epic Weapons and Legendary Weapons won’t fit your play style so if you don’t need a weapon, dismantle it to receive Titanium.

You can also beat bosses in Outriders, and they will also drop a good amount of Titanium. To get Titanium from defeating bosses, the bosses need to be of high-tier, and the fight must be tough with them. You can also get Titanium from ore veins, which are found in various areas all around the map. Ore veins are not a solid method to collect Titanium, as these are not that much in occurrence.

You can get Titanium by leveling up your World Tier. Titanium will be dropped as a World Tier reward after you have unlocked a new world, which comes after Tier 9. This method can grant you a good amount of Titanium.

To maximize your Titanium, you can also farm Legendary Weapons. We don’t have solid information on these Legendary weapons until the game itself is released.

This was everything that you needed to know about how to get Titanium in Outriders and what does it do. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Outriders wiki guides.