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How to Earn XP and Level Up in Pro Clubs in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is all about competing with opponents and outwitting them in the field. In Pro Clubs of FIFA 22, you can party up with your partner or friends, create a team of your own and compete in online matches against real-time opponents.

However, the perks are a new addition into the Pro Clubs of FIFA 22 alongside the immense customization of characters. This is how you can level up by earning XP in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: How to Earn XP and Level in Pro Clubs

In FIFA 22, you can earn XP by playing in all the game modes such as Drop-In, Cup games, Friendly, and League. You can play in these game modes with your partner or friends and earn loads of XP. The number of XP you will gain from each mode varies on what mode you are playing.

There are several other factors included like when you finish the game your Match Rating is considered to reward you with XP. Other factors such as, Saves, tackles, passes and many other quantifiable stats contribute towards your XP gain.

After you have collected enough XP, you can unlock perks, and new levels for your custom player in Pro Clubs.

This is all that we have on how to gain XP and level up in FIFA 22.

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