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How to Earn More Trust in Days Gone


If you are new to Days Gone you are probably wondering, “what can I do to get on the good side of these ruthless factions?” Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore; I have the answer. To get friendly with some of the factions in Days Gone, you need to earn their trust. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to earn more trust in Days Gone.

Days Gone: How to Earn More Trust

There are multiple ways to earn more trust in the game. For example, you will come across random folks who need your help and if you save them or help them with their issue, you can then earn more trust. Let’s go a bit deeper into this part.

Often times you will come across different people at risk of dying at the hands of freakers. Once you save them, you can send them to Hot Springs, Copeland’s Camp, or Iron Mike Camp. You will earn trust with the camp you send these people to.

The other two ways to earn more trust include completing side and main missions in Days Gone. Using these methods you will be able to earn additional trust in the game.

Why Do You Need to Earn Trust

When you are facing the freakers in Days Gone, you need to have the best weapons and upgrade. A lot of these are locked behind trust levels with camps. To reach trust level 1 you need 5000 trust, level is at 12500 trust, and trust level 3 is at 25000.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to trust in Days Gone.

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