Influence in the game is arguably the single-most important thing to earn. It determines what kind of races, events, etc. are available to players. And it can get a little frustrating to farm Influence quickly to unlock everything as soon as possible. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to earn Influence fast in Forza Horizon 4.


Forza Horizon 4 Influence Farming

Honestly, earning Influence in the game isn’t a tough thing to do. Almost everything that can be done in the game rewards a small amount of Influence. This includes things like completing events, winning races, completing challenges, gathering collectibles, etc. rewards a small amount of Influence and CRs – CRs are currency to buy new cars, etc. There are, however, some methods to earn additional Influence on the side. Here’s a few of them:

Explore the Open-World
Forza Horizon 4 has a massive open-world ripe for exploration. There are hundreds of roads to cruise on, a lot of Barn Finds to discover, and incredible sceneries to behold. While doing all this, players will also get a lot of Influence. Therefore, try to take a little time out to explore the open-world and see what it’s got to offer.

Unlock Additional Cars
The sheer number of cards that are in Forza Horizon 4 is simply absurd. Unlocking a new car in the game also rewards a small amount of Influence. Therefore, players should try and complete their car collection in the game. This won’t only let players drive around in a different car but also get them a little Influence on the side. Remember that there isn’t any point in hoarding the CRs – use them to buy more cars. We see it as a win-win situation.

Destroy Influence Boards
One of the reasons why players should try to get off the main path and explore the open-world is to find the hidden boards. These boards are often placed in hard-to-reach places e.g., rooftops, etc., and require jumping off at particular angles. When destroyed, these boards provided as much Influence as 5,000.

Race in Style
When it comes to Influence, winning alone doesn’t cut it. Winning in style is all that matters. While racing, one should always be aiming for multipliers. Things that count toward a higher multiplier include top speed, drifting, corners, etc. Therefore, whenever racing, try to keep these multipliers in mind.

That’s all we’ve got in how to earn Influence in Forza Horizon 4. For more help on the game, feel free to check our detailed Forza Horizon 4 wiki guides.