New World allows multiple ways to customize your character including the ability to dye your armor. There are a ton of dyes available in the game that you can use to customize your armor. In this guide, we will discuss everything there is to know about how to dye armor in New World.


New World: How to Dye Your Armor

To dye your armor in New World you first need to get your hands on some dye. There are three ways to dye in the game. You can get them at the trading post, by completing quests, or you can craft by using the right recipes.

You can visit our Cooking Recipes guide for more details on the crafting side of things.

When you get the dye you want to press TAB to access the character menu and select the armor you want to dye. Now click the Dye option to complete the process. You preview the colors before applying it.

You can change the color of your armor later on if you wish to. Once you apply the color you will lose the pot of dye. There are different color combinations you can try so feel free to test everything in the preview mode.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to dye armor. Need more help? See How to Get Life Mote, Mute Chat, Lifestaff Healer Build.

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