Guns are a rare commodity in Sons of the Forest and the situation gets even worse if you want to hand some weapons over to your companions Kelvin and Virginia. Hence, you need a method to duplicate your guns, namely the pistol, in Sons of the Forest. Now, the method we are about to discuss will help you duplicate pistols but it might work on other weapons such as the Shotgun, Revolver, and Modern Axe.

How to Duplicate Pistol

Pistol is on this raft

To duplicate your pistol you first need to find one; I assume you already know where to find one but for the sake of this guide, let’s explain it anyway. The pistol is on the beach where you farmed infinite 9mm ammo with the help of our guide. On the beach, you can see a raft floating in the water, swim to it and you will find yourself a pistol.

Now that you have the pistol, let’s duplicate it.

  • Step #1: After finding the pistol come back to the beech.
  • Step #2: Give the pistol to Virginia or Kelvin
  • Step #3: Place a tent and save your game.
  • Step #4: Exit the game to the main menu and load your last save.
  • Step #5: Swim back to the raft where you originally found the pistol.
Save your game at the tent

When you reach the floating raft again you will find another pistol. This is the way to respawn the pistol as many times as you want. You Duplicate pistols for your own use or hand them over to both Kelvin and Virginia. If for some reason any of your companions are dead, there is a way to revive them both.

Theoretically, the duplication method should work with other weapons as well so do give it a try.

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