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How To Drift In Mario Kart 64 And Best Level To Practice


Just last week I found my old Nintendo console and booted up Mario Kart 64. The nostalgia was epic but I realized my drifting skills are nothing short of abysmal. But as they say, practice makes perfect and it wasn’t long before I was able to get the hang of it again. So I decided this is the perfect time to create a guide on drafting and turbo boost for Mario Kart 64 players. Here’s how you can too drift in Mario Kart 64 but before scrolling down, I recommend checking out our guide on the best Mario Kart 64 characters.

To master drifting, start by selecting characters and courses that match your skill level and preferences, with lighter characters being easier for beginners due to their handling characteristics.

While holding A when you approach a corner, press the R-button to jump, and then tilt the control stick in the opposite direction of the corner to slide. So if you are turning right the stick should be moved toward the left and vice versa.

How To Do A Mini Turbo Boost In Mario Kart 64

To execute a turbo boost in Mario Kart 64, start a drift by pressing the R-button while turning and then alternate between left and right until the clouds go orange and then red.

After 3-4 quick movements, release the R-button. This will launch your kart forward with a speed boost, marked by a distinct sound and visual effect.

Note: In 64 and Double Dash, you must flick back and forth to turbo boost. In Wii onwards (including MK7 and MK8) it’s on how long you’ve been drifting, and also somewhat on how tight the drift is.

Best Way To Practice Drift In Mario Kart 64

Practicing in Time Trial mode is highly recommended, as it allows you to race without the pressure of competing against other players, providing a perfect environment to refine your drifting and boosting techniques.

Additionally, racing against ghost data can help you learn from previous attempts, improving your timing and execution with each lap.

I highly recommend you practice drifts and turbo boosts at the Wario Stadium which is undoubtedly the best place to practice these skills.

How To Boost Start In Mario Kart 64

To boost start in Mario Kart 64, you need to press A button between the second red and blue lights. The timing takes some practice but once you get it it becomes muscle memory and an invaluable skill in Mario Kart 64.

That’s everything you need to know on how to drift in the classic Mario Kart 64.

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