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How to Dodge Attacks in Tales of Arise


In this successor of the Tales of Franchise, you can dodge attacks. Dodging attacks was never an option in the previous games from the same franchise. This guide revolves around dodging attacks and this is how you can dodge attacks in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise: How to Dodge Attacks

As dodging attacks is a new mechanic in this series, most of the players don’t know how to do this. To dodge an attack, you simply need to press the R2 button on your PlayStation, or the RT button on an Xbox. This will make your character roll dodge any incoming attack.

To better understand this mechanic, you can use your left stick to make your character dodge roll in the respected direction.

This is an essential mechanic to keep in mind and will help you a lot in the game, and you will be more flexible in combat.

You should also know that if you dodge roll exactly before getting hit, your character will slow down the time for a very short period. This represents to you an opening for a counterattack and deal massive damage to your enemy.

This mechanic is called the “Perfect Dodge”, and your character will be highlighted in blue if you pull this off.

This is everything there is to know about dodging attacks in the Tales of Arise. Need more help? See How to Heal, Calaglia Dahnan Owls Locations, Tips and Tricks.

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