Dodging and deflecting are critical skills in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a game developed by Team Ninja known for its challenging combat mechanics. You can make a significant difference in how you defeat enemies and progress through the game if you master these mechanics.

Deflecting lets you counterattack enemies after successfully blocking their strikes while dodging lets you move out of harm’s way.

It takes precise timing and a keen understanding of enemy patterns to master these techniques. In this guide, we’ll delve into the nuances of Dodging and Deflecting and provide practical tips to help you improve your gameplay.

How to Dodge and Deflect/Counter Easily

  • Dodge
  • Deflect/Counter
  • Best Deflect Timing


If you’re playing on consoles, press O on PlayStation and B on the Xbox controller and move your left stick in the direction you want to dodge. Dodging is a versatile mechanic in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty so it allows you to dodge in any direction you want. However, while that is true, the best course of action would be to dodge away from the enemy to avoid getting caught by their attacks.

Most enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty use light and melee attacks, but very few uses ranged. You can dodge most melee attacks by dodging backward or to the sides of the enemy.


To deflect an enemy in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on the PlayStation DualShock Controller press O but for the Xbox Controller press B, just as the enemy is about to make contact with you. In this case, don’t move your left stick in any direction, otherwise, you will probably end up dodging in that direction. Landing a Perfect Deflect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will fill up your Spirit Guage. Some attacks can not be deflected but dark red critical blows can be.

PC Users can press Tab, F, and B to dodge and counter in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Best Timing to Deflect

Perfect Deflect Timing

Pay close attention to the weapon and hand of the enemy. Just as the weapon, not the hand (unlike Elden Ring), is about to make contact with you, hit the deflect button. This will take some practice to go around fighting enemies that are lower in rank, especially the ones near Battle Flags. They are easy to beat and a great way to practice deflecting and counter-timing in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Battle Flags are also used to farm Qi.

Timing Deflect/Counter becomes even more crucial when you know that mistiming or overusing Dodge or Deflect will deplete your Spirit Gauge, letting your enemies stun you and deal significant damage.


While dodging can be effective against bosses and certain enemies, countering their attacks is even better. You can counter regular attacks, but you have to be aware of unguardable ones. If your opponent glows red briefly, you know an unguardable attack is coming. You can deal significant damage to your opponent if you time your counterattack right.

Weapon Deflect Difficulty

Every weapon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a Deflect Difficulty stat that controls how much Spirit Gauge it uses up when it deflects.

There are some weapons that consume more Spirit Gauge than others, like Polearms, which drain a lot of Spirit Gauge when you dodge or deflect. If you successfully execute a Deflect, you’ll be able to restore a portion of the Spirit Gauge.

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